Buy United Miles with 70% Bonus (Ends May 2)

My friend Rich is a long-time United flyer. He does monthly commutes from Hawaii to California so he can never have enough United miles. When I saw this sale I let him know about it, and then I took a look at it for myself. I don’t fly United metal very often, though last year I did have a great trip home from Europe in First Class in their now retired plane. I do book a lot of flights through United using Star Alliance partners, though. I’m partial to Star Alliance airlines when I go to Europe or Asia. Whether or not you buy airline miles when promotions are running, it’s good to know about your options. We all like to travel more, for less! I keep a list of airline point promos handy to see if they’ll work for me. Depending on your travel plans, this might be worth checking out.

This United miles sale, which ends on May 2, offers up to 70,000 bonus miles when you purchase miles. A 70% bonus sale comes to about $0.022 cents per mile. You can access the promotion HERE. Never buy miles without a near future need for them, but if you need to top up an account or you’re planning a trip, this deal could work for you. With United miles the maximum you can buy per year, per account is 150, 000 miles (including the bonus.)

The offer is tiered with the 70% bonus given on purchases over 30k miles.

As always, let math be your friend and make sure you have a planned use for these miles.If you do plan to take advantage of this offer, the link can be found here. Are you a buyer of United miles at these prices? Or does it take a 100% bonus for you to be interested? Where’s your next United miles redemption taking you?

2 thoughts on “Buy United Miles with 70% Bonus (Ends May 2)

  1. tom

    I’d like to build up my miles again since getting my wife and I Lufthansa business class to Munich but in my opinion 100% Bonus is the minimum to think about buying UA miles. Unfortunately, 100% is also their max offer so it can be annoying as someone who flies UA domestically and their Star Alliance partners for international travel. Here’s to hoping for 100% bonus soon (or better…but not counting on that)

    1. Shelli Post author

      Great comment, tom, thanks. True enough on the 100%. Unless you have an immediate need in the near future, the 100% is worth waiting on. Maybe if we both keep our fingers crossed it will be offered soon :))


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