Marriott Rewards: New Program Launch Day is Here!

Though the talk about Marriott and its new combined hotel rewards program has been going hot and heavy all summer, the day is finally here when the new program will finally launch. The combined program will launch tomorrow, August 18. I hope everyone who wanted to book hotels before the rates went up has already done so!

No one has covered this news better and given us easier to understand rewards points lists more than Ric over at Loyalty Traveler. If you’re still confused or need the most up to date information on Marriott’s 8 hotel categories and the hotel point increases, head over here.

One aspect of all combined program I’ve thought about, having been an SPG loyalist for years but not much of a Marriott customer, was how much I’d be affected by this merger.

I took a look at the Marriott stays I had booked and decided to pay with cash instead of points. It’s a better value for me because I use Pruvo and never overpay for my hotel stays and also because I use my Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit and reduce my out-of-pocket costs that way, as well. It’s always good to let math be your friend and see whether points or cash gets you the best value.

Were you able to book some of your favorite Marriott hotels before the prices in points increase tomorrow?

5 thoughts on “Marriott Rewards: New Program Launch Day is Here!

  1. Kalboz

    I have 4 certs in my Marriott account and the nagging question that no one seems to know is if I should attach these certs to a specific property to day or it doesn’t make any difference!

    1. Shelli Post author

      Kalboz, I wish I had some answers for you, but I do not. Maybe someone who reads TWG today can lead you in the right direction with those certs.

      1. Kalboz

        Hopefully, thank you – here is the info:

        Rewards Certificate Premier Visa Anniv. Free Night, 1-5 Hotels Expires 06/28/2019
        Rewards Certificate Premier Plus Free Night Award Expires 07/03/2019
        Rewards Certificate P510 PARTIAL PKG-CAT 1-5 – 30,000 Points Expires 07/22/2019
        Rewards Certificate 7 Night Travel Package Category 1-5 Hotels – 270,000 Points Expires 08/13/2019


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