Have You Flown The World’s Most Controversial Airlines?

Do you like airline controversy? Airline controversy sure does seem to swirl all around us. Here’s some controversy that’s a bit different: the world’s most controversial airlines. And the controversy is one the airlines created themselves. And who knew airline controversy goes all the way back to the early days of Southwest Airlines? I must get out more because I haven’t flown any of the airlines on the list! See if you have and if there are any airlines you’d add to the list. It’s a quick read!

6 thoughts on “Have You Flown The World’s Most Controversial Airlines?

  1. henry LAX

    how exactly is a branding partnership between EVA and Hello Kitty considered “controversial” ? ANA has a partnership with Pokemon and Star Wars, and i don’t see them on the list.

    If they wanna actually list “controversial”, they can actually start by talking about how Southwest partnered with SeaWorld and painted an entire plane in whale colors only to have the CNN documentary “Black Fish” throw egg and pie on both of their faces.

  2. phoenix00

    Of this list the only one I would consider controversial is Vietjet, and only because of their marketing stunt. In that vein I consider Hooter’s Air a much more egregious operator.

    Norweigian’s “controversy” was cooked up by US airlines’ employee unions trying to block a potential competitor, not to mention inaccurate (Norwegian Air Shuttle is based in Norway, while subsidiary Norwegian Air International is based in Ireland for tax reasons, but legal under EU laws).

    As for the rest, Trump Shuttle was simply badly run, Rayani Air probably vastly overestimated their potential market, Eurowings’ random-destination ticket is actually interesting (visa/currency and other practical issues aside), and EVA/Hello Kitty is only objectionable if you hate the idea of “fun”.

    Truly controversial airlines? I mentioned Hooters Air; Allegiant has been under fire for the lack of reliability of their MD80s; Qatar Airways has always been under the microscope for their bombastic CEO; Saudia is now embroiled in the machinations of its owner kingdom; Aeroflot has been alleged to be used as a money laundering vehicle for certain well-connected members of the Russian government; even my home flag airline Air Canada was involved in the fall of a prime minister some years ago (kickbacks for their Airbus aircraft order); there’s the one-star Air Koryo; and Ryanair! How can we ever forget Ryanair!

    This is a pretty lazy list to be honest.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Great comment, phoenix. You know a lot about airlines and controversy. Thanks so much for adding your take to the post. I hope people get to read about your choices for the list!

  3. Kurt Rental

    EVA Air is a good company, we used its services when we flew to rest in the states. Upon arrival, we immediately took our rental car and drove to the hotel. I associate this airline with a nice holiday


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