Silent Discos: Would You Take This Tour?

Silent Discos are a phenomenon. Did you know that? I just heard about them and I have to say, I’m hoping to never experience one. OK, maybe never is a bit extreme, but the whole idea just makes me wonder what people are thinking sometimes. Let me explain.

Silent discos aren’t silent! They are gatherings where people don wireless headphones to dance. And not just dance……..they sing out loud as well. In public. On tours of cities. Though they are happening in some cities across Europe, Edinburgh, Scotland in particular is taking issue with these types of tours. If you’ve been to Edinburgh you know how narrow the streets are so you can imagine what this kind of event might feel like. You’ll have to watch this video and judge for yourself. Maybe you’ll disagree with me and you’d enjoy watching or participating in a tour like a Silent Disco. Would you take a tour like this? Have you ever seen one when you’ve been in Europe?


2 thoughts on “Silent Discos: Would You Take This Tour?

  1. ColoradoTraveller

    The guy from the video that says, “it was like there wasn’t anybody else there” — THAT says it all because, yes, actually, there ARE other people there and those other people don’t have nearly so much fun listening to several dozen people singing way off-key and being oblivious to blocking the street!


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