Statehood Questioned: Marriage License Denied!

I’ve been told by many people in Europe and Asia that we Americans are geography-challenged. Maybe it’s true and we aren’t as geography-savvy as we should be. I know for myself, if someone mentions a place, whether it is a city or a country I’m not familiar with, I’ll do some research. I like geography and knowing where places are.

It is also true that I’ve seen some Americans embarrass themselves by making comments about locations they weren’t familiar with. This article, however, may just take the (wedding) cake.

As someone who has lived in the state of New Mexico, I’m used to confusion as to its location. The fellow in this story handled what happened to him with a much more good humored attitude that I think I would have. See what you think!


2 thoughts on “Statehood Questioned: Marriage License Denied!

  1. Jerry Mandel

    TSA agents thought Alaska, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and DC are foreign places and not “USA” drivers licences.


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