Google Fi Introduces New Unlimited Plan

For those of you who haven’t already switched to my favorite phone service of all time, now might be your perfect chance. Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) is Google’s flagship mobile service that offers coverage in 200+ countries and territories, flat data rates, no contracts, and unlimited domestic calls and texts within the US.

Over the past several years, Google Fi has evolved from its beginnings with the Nexus and Pixel phones to present day, where members have the opportunity to bring their own phone to Fi. Most Android and iPhone models work with the Google Fi SIM card, so users aren’t required to buy a Pixel anymore. (I still would suggest buying a Pixel if you don’t have one, but that’s another story.)

Recently, Google Fi put a $60 cap on the cost of data for each cycle. Before then, data cost a flat $10 per gig but there wasn’t any relevant volume discount, so free data after 6GB was certainly a welcome change. Now, however, Google is upping their game with new unlimited plans that especially benefit families and groups.

First, let’s talk about the original flexible plan. With the flexible plans, you pay for exactly what you use. Cellular service starts at $20 per month, plus an additional $10 per gig until you hit 6 gigs. After that, data is free. This means that you pay for exactly what you use, but you can’t be charged more than $80 plus taxes, fees, device protection, and/or any phone financing that may apply. For a group of six, you’ll pay only $16 per month, plus an additional $10 per gig until you collectively hit 18 gigs. In that case, this is a maximum bill of $275 for six people. Not bad.

However, Google Fi has just announced its new unlimited plans, available for individuals as well as groups from two to six people. Plans start at just a flat $45 per month per person (for groups of four to six) and go up to a flat $70 per month for individuals. This is a great deal if you consistently use a lot of data, because the flexible plans only really make sense when you rely heavily on WiFi networks rather than cellular data.

The price of data isn’t the only thing that’s changing with the new unlimited plan. Instead of same-rate data and low-cost calls abroad, you’ll enjoy free data and free calls to 50+ countries. Additionally, you’ll enjoy Google One membership which includes 100GB of cloud storage for each member. This ensures that all of your contacts and photos can be backed up without worrying about local storage.

My favorite thing about Google Fi, though, is that their customer service is seriously so good. Every time I’ve had an issue, the folks on the other end of the Google Fi customer chat worked with me until the issue was resolved, or until they had ordered and over-nighted a new device. Whether I was dealing with a mysterious over-heating issue or I was stuck in Montenegro without reliable coverage, Google Fi helped me learn how to fix it. For that reason alone, I wouldn’t go with anybody else.

Looking for affordable international coverage? Considering switching to Google Fi today, but do the math on whether or not the Unlimited plan makes sense for you.

5 thoughts on “Google Fi Introduces New Unlimited Plan

  1. Michael

    Caroline, I too find Fi very useful. Do you have any suggestions on the best credit cards to pay for Fi? I am not getting 5x with Ink and have read that Google Play gift cards cannot be used to pay the monthly fee.

    1. Caroline Lupini

      I use my Citi Prestige card, but for the cell phone insurance coverage. If you’re not getting 5x on your Ink card, I would probably look into a 2x card like the Blue Business Plus or (now!!) the Citi DoubleCash.

  2. Judy jones

    I like Fi, until my rude awakening one night at a concert where I was taking a ton of pics and video that automatically uploaded, using 8 gigs in 2 hours! That was a surprise… I still don’t know how to turn that off….


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