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Caroline absolutely loves to travel. She's been to 70 countries so far and is on a quest to visit them all! Frequent flyer miles help her get there. Find her at, on Twitter @carolinelupini, and on Instagram @caroline.lupini.

Giveaway: 4 of my Favorite New Travel Products

I’m always on the lookout for new travel products, and I’ve found some really cool ones during the beginning of 2018 in preparation for my first BIG trip of the year – I’m going to Russia on March 20 to take the Trans Siberian train! In celebration of getting ready to go, I’m giving away four of my new favorite travel products. Actually, one of them isn’t ‘new’ exactly, but it’s a time-old classic that I can’t travel without! The giveaway runs until the clock strikes midnight on March 17 (Eastern Time). One winner will be chosen for all of these awesome goodies. Good luck!

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Here’s what you can win!

1. Tile Style

I try not to lose things while I’m traveling, and Tile really helps! Plus the new ‘Style’ version of the tile just looks so much better than the older version! I have a tile hooked onto my keys because I sometimes can’t remember which bag I put them in, and instead of digging through everything when I get home, I can just ring the tile and know exactly where they are. This also comes in handy when I’m at home and put my keys somewhere weird!
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Case Study: My Trip to Australia with Miles

My boyfriend and I wanted to book a trip to Australia this year because we have a friend who is living there for work. We are somewhat flexible in our travel dates, but knew that we needed to visit in November and/or December due to other commitments, but also that we wanted to be home with our families for Christmas. Here’s how I went about planning our trip to Australia and what it is costing us for our flights.

As I already mentioned, we are pretty flexible with our dates (we both work online, so that helps). Our main two constraints are a friend’s wedding in New York at the end of October and Christmas. Since we have flexibility from working online, we wanted to travel as much of November and December as possible and spend a good chunk of that time in Australia.

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Review: JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa in Vietnam

Let me cut straight to the chase: to date, the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa is my favorite resort I’ve ever stayed in. Nearly everything about the resort is perfect, and the few things that aren’t, are really not a big deal (and also could be very easily fixed).

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Travel Tip: Sometimes it Pays to Book in Other Currencies

I’m riding the full length of the Trans-Siberian train from Moscow to Vladivostok in March with a couple of friends and I needed to book a flight home. We had already planned to visit Seoul for a few days before we go our separate ways, which was great because flights home from Seoul cost less (in both miles and dollars) than flying straight from Vladivostok. After checking flight prices, I realized that booking with miles didn’t make any sense. I was able to pick up a cash fare from ICN for only 495,200 South Korean Won.

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Good News! Google Project Fi DOES Work in Belize

As a frequent traveler, Google Project Fi (thanks for signing up via my link! We’ll both get $20) is my absolute favorite. I love being able to connect to cellular data networks when I’m traveling in over 135 countries! Before I traveled to Belize, I checked whether or not I would have coverage and was disappointed to find out that I would not have service in Belize.

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