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Caroline absolutely loves to travel. She's been to 70 countries so far and is on a quest to visit them all! Frequent flyer miles help her get there. Find her at, on Twitter @carolinelupini, and on Instagram @caroline.lupini.

EverlyWell: At Home Blood Tests & Why I Love Their Food Sensitivity Test for Travel

You may have been putting off getting common blood work done, or maybe you just can’t prioritize a trip to the lab when you’re experiencing a lapse in insurance. Or, it could be that you haven’t had time to consider your own health over your busy agenda. Whatever the reason, EverlyWell can help get you back on track to prioritizing your health and wellness and even give you some extra information that will come in handy when you’re traveling.

Based in Austin, TX, EverlyWell is a health and wellness company that aims to provide a variety of accessible at-home health tests. Whether you are curious about your food sensitivity or you want to check your vitamin levels, EverlyWell is an inexpensive and verified alternative to expensive lab tests. EverlyWell provides over 30 at-home tests to help you monitor your own wellbeing, on your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

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Robinhood Relaunches Savings Account with 2.05% APY

If you haven’t heard of Robinhood, now is an excellent time to join the team. Starting this week, the commission-free investment company has grown from its roots in portfolio development and day trading to becoming a solid cash management option. As of October 8th, you can open your own brokerage checking/savings account with Robinhood and start earning over 2% APY.

This may not be the first you’ve heard of this as last year, the company announced their intentions to unveil the Robinhood Cash Management product with a 3% APY; a notably competitive rate for the industry. As it stands, the actual introductory APY sits at 2.05% which isn’t bad, but it isn’t 3%. As with any percentage yield, though, it varies with the market and the market has dropped since the initial announcement. Currently, Robinhood is accepting additions to the waitlist for the product, and once you elect to participate in Robinhood Cash Management, all previously uninvested funds will be swept into participating program banks that will pay the 2.05% APY.

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Earn $5 When You Sign Up for Acorns

If you’ve just started paying more attention to your financial health and wellness, you may have heard about some easy ways to start micro-investing. However, it can be difficult to begin when you’ve never had an investment profile before, especially if you don’t have enough capital for a solid play-portfolio.

There are quite a few personal finance apps out there to help consumers get started on day trading and micro-investing, but it’s up to you to figure out which ones are relevant to you. If you are just beginning but want to learn more about micro-investing, I definitely recommend signing up for Acorns.

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Google Fi Introduces New Unlimited Plan

For those of you who haven’t already switched to my favorite phone service of all time, now might be your perfect chance. Google Fi (formerly Project Fi) is Google’s flagship mobile service that offers coverage in 200+ countries and territories, flat data rates, no contracts, and unlimited domestic calls and texts within the US.

Over the past several years, Google Fi has evolved from its beginnings with the Nexus and Pixel phones to present day, where members have the opportunity to bring their own phone to Fi. Most Android and iPhone models work with the Google Fi SIM card, so users aren’t required to buy a Pixel anymore. (I still would suggest buying a Pixel if you don’t have one, but that’s another story.)

Recently, Google Fi put a $60 cap on the cost of data for each cycle. Before then, data cost a flat $10 per gig but there wasn’t any relevant volume discount, so free data after 6GB was certainly a welcome change. Now, however, Google is upping their game with new unlimited plans that especially benefit families and groups.

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4 Tools I Use to Keep Track of My Credit Cards and Money

During my time as a professional travel hacker, I’ve found that the best way to stockpile points and miles is to intelligently stockpile credit cards. Over the years, I’ve collected over 30 credit cards and have accumulated hundreds of thousands of points and miles in almost every currency out there, so you can imagine that organizing my accounts has the potential to turn into a messy logistical nightmare. Fortunately for me, there are several tools out there that were designed to help people like me manage multiple accounts. Here are four of my favorite, go-to apps and tools that I use to keep myself organized.

1. Travel Freely

Travel Freely is a webapp that is dedicated to helping travelers optimize their points and miles game, which is exactly why I use them. Not only is Travel Freely great for learning the ins and outs of rewards programs, but it’s also a hugely practical tool for organizing the rewards credit cards that you already have. For me, I use it to keep track of annual fee and bonus deadlines as well as 5/24 status. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the 5/24 rule, it’s specific to Chase accounts. Chase does not approve applicants for a new card if they have opened 5 or more credit cards (from any bank) in the past 24 months. Travel Freely has all of my logistical credit card information stored in one place so that I don’t have to go back and individually search for deadlines or have to guess my 5/24 status.

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