Changes Brewing for Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards Program on October 6 [Now Live]

Updated at 8:40am PT on 10/6/21: The new Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards program is now live.  You get 125 points when you join, 1 point per dollar spent, and 25 points on your birthday.  Continue reading to find out all the other changes to the Peetnik Rewards program.

Updated at 8:40am PT on 10/5/21: The conversion rate will be 1 check-in = 8 points.  I just received an email from Peet’s Coffee that said, “Tomorrow morning, the 5 point(s) you have right now will be converted to 40 point(s), in line with the new program.”

Good afternoon everyone.  I just received this email from Peet’s Coffee regarding changes to their Peetnik Rewards program that is effective on October 6.  I will go into more detail about the changes, but the email highlights 3 main points:

  • You will receive 1 (one) Peetnik Rewards point (a “Point”) for every $1 (one) U.S. Dollar you spend at Participating Peet’s locations.
  • You may redeem Points for Rewards based on the different redemption tiers.
  • If you do not either (a) check-in by scanning the QR code in the App and making a purchase at a participating Peet’s store or (b) complete a purchase with Peet’s “Mobile Order Ahead” option, in each case for a period of 180 days, then all unredeemed Points available on your Account will expire and be removed from your Account.

Keep reading to find out all the new details of the Peetnik Rewards program.

As a reminder, the current Peetnik Rewards program is pretty simple.  Here are the 3 main pieces:

  • 1 free beverage after you become a Peetnik Rewards member and check-in
  • Earn 1 point for every check-in (aka order) and redeem 15 points for a free beverage
  • 1 free beverage on your birthday

To see the new Peetnik Rewards terms and conditions, click here and then click the new program terms and conditions.

Earning Points with the new Peetnik Rewards program

You will receive 1 Peetnik Rewards point for every $1 USD spent at participating Peet’s Coffee locations.  You may earn more than 1x if there is a promotion, multiplier, or bonus running.  You will not earn points when you redeem rewards, load gift cards, make online purchases at, taxes, tips, etc.  You will receive your points within 24 hours of your qualifying purchase.

Redeeming Points with the new Peetnik Rewards program

As mentioned in the email, there are different tiers of rewards, ranging from 25 points to 400 points.  Based on the 50 points = $1 off your order, points are worth 2 cents.  Therefore, you are earning 2 cents per dollar spent at Peet’s Coffee (2% rebate).  Based on that value, drink customizations may / may not be worth 50 cents.  The 50 point items all cost more than $1, so I think redeeming for any of those items is a better deal than the $1 discount.

The 120 point tier (worth $2.40) has a couple of good options, including the $3 off discount.  I think some of these items cost more than $3, so I would choose the item instead of the $3 discount.  The 200 point tier (worth $4) has a $5 discount.  I’m not sure how much the Peet’s pods / capsules are worth, so maybe that is a better deal than a $5 discount.  Lastly, the 400 points tier (worth $8) will get you a half pound or full pound of Peet’s Coffee beans.  I have never bought coffee beans from Peet’s Coffee, so I am not sure if those bags cost more than $8.

Redeeming Rewards with the new Peetnik Rewards program

To use your points, you need to convert the points into a rewards via the Peet’s mobile app.  You can only use 1 reward per transaction (aka order), so if you want to use more than 1 reward, you will need to make multiple transactions / orders.  The system will automatically apply your reward to the most expensive item in your transaction / order (that is a nice feature).

Bonus Rewards & Points in the new Peetnik Rewards program

Instead of getting a free beverage when you become a Peetnik Rewards member, you will get 125 points which is enough for a redemption in the 25, 50, or 120 point tiers.  Instead of getting a free beverage on your birthday, you will only get 25 points (major bummer here), enough for a free drink customization.  I’m not sure if anniversary bonuses are new, but they sound pretty good.  You get a free baked good or beverage on your Peetnik Rewards anniversary.  You will have 7 days to redeem your anniversary bonus.

Expiration Policy for the new Peetnik Rewards program

You need to check-in via the app or complete a Mobile Order Ahead order every 180 days (6 months) or your points and bonuses will be removed from your account.  If you convert points to rewards, those rewards expire 1 day later, so make sure not to convert your points to rewards until you are ready to place your order.

Final Thoughts on the new Peetnik Rewards program

The old / current Peetnik Rewards program is simple (make 15 orders and get a free beverage), but not very rewarding.  When I commuted to work, I would visit Peet’s Coffee a lot more, but since I started working from home, I haven’t visited Peet’s Coffee as often.  When I do go to Peet’s Coffee, I usually go with my wife and we get breakfast, so we usually spend $16 per order.  That will be 16 points in the new Peetnik Rewards program vs. 1 check-in for the old / current program.  7.5 visits x 16 points = 120 points, enough for a free drink.  In the old / current program, I would only have 7-8 check-ins, so I would be halfway to a free beverage.  Long story short, if you usually spend more at Peet’s Coffee, you will be better off with the new program, but if you only bought 1 cheap item per visit, you will be worse off.

How do you feel about the new Peetnik Rewards program?  Share your thoughts below.  If you have any questions about the new Peetnik Rewards program, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone.

15 thoughts on “Changes Brewing for Peet’s Coffee Peetnik Rewards Program on October 6 [Now Live]

  1. Marissa

    I’m frustrated there’s no explanation anywhere about what happens to my existing points earned! Only a week’s notice… I’m disappointed. Thanks for the breakdown!

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi Marissa, I’m disappointed too with the late notice and no explanation. I’m guessing our check-ins will be converted to points, but I’m not sure what the ration will be. I have 4 check-ins right now, so I’m not too concerned. We will see what happens.

  2. Another Peetnik

    I asked Peet’s about what happens to points earned on the old terms come Oct 6. Here’s their response.

    “We understand your concern with seeing a change in your points but no need to worry, the value of your points is just as valuable. We have already calculated to ensure your current points balance has been converted correctly and you are on the same pace to earning a free beverage reward as you were before.”

      1. Tyler

        Considering that 15 check-ins = the new 120 point tier, the conversion rate should be higher than that. If my mental math is right, 8 points per check-in sounds like the number assuming the above quote is correct. Now whether Peets will be as liberal with the promos as Starbucks was when changed over their program…

        1. Grant Post author

          Hi Tyler, 8 points per check-in would be a great conversion ratio. We will see what happens tomorrow with our check-ins.

          Edit: Just got an email from Peet’s Coffee. The conversion rate will be 1 check-in = 8 points.

          Here is the email: “…which brings us to our next point(s)
          Tomorrow morning, the 5 point(s) you have right now will be converted to 40 point(s), in line with the new program.* Your progress towards earning a free beverage will be maintained. Better yet, you will have the ability to redeem your points for rewards much sooner, and you may already be eligible for a reward after you update and open your app tomorrow morning.
          *Points calculation based on number of points in your account as of 10/4/21 at 12:30pm PDT”

  3. Max

    I had 50 points for free coldbrew. When i add coldbrew to carts and redem points it refuses to credit drink.! The new system is a disaster.

  4. CM

    What scumbags. I expected much more from Peet’s; not acting like Starbucks (only worse). Preload $ in your account at Starbucks and you spend $62.50 to get a free latte. New Peet’s, it does not matter if you preload in the app, it’s $120 for a free latte.

    So much for “loyalty”. I walked the extra few minutes to Peet’s instead of Starbucks every day since 1st pandemic shutdown. I was ok with 15 visits needed to get 1 free latte ($75). But for single latte purchasers, it’s 24 visits!!! Peet’s is not THAT good.

    On top of that, the new app is having problems with advanced orders. Walked into Peet’s today and no mobile orders being processed, just the computer sitting there waiting for an order that isn’t coming.

    Starbucks execs must be laughing at the knuckleheads.

    1. Grant Post author

      Hi CM, I agree that the new Peetnik Rewards program is not as good for people that just buy 1 drink per visit. I’m hoping we see a few promos where you can earn 2x or 3x on purchases. I haven’t had a chance to use the new online ordering system yet so I’m hoping Peet’s can work out the bugs soon.

  5. Sam Spinnel

    I’m not happy with the new program either. As someone pointed out, it now takes 24 $5 purchases to get one free drink where it used to take 15.


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