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Original Peloton Bike Monitor Screen Attachment Allows Adjustment / Rotation of 360 Degrees (No Bike+ Needed)

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Good afternoon everyone.  Last December, Laura and I got a Peloton Bike.  I know, we are late to the Peloton Party, but I really enjoy the energetic and enthusiastic classes and have been using it a few times per week since then.  As a refresher, Peloton sells the Bike for $1,445 or the Bike+ for $2,495.  You also need to pay $44 / month for the All-Access Membership.  The main difference between the Bike and Bike+ (in my opinion) is the ability to rotate the screen 360 degrees so you can easily see the screen when you are doing other workouts (cardio, strength, yoga, stretching, etc).  The monitor is a little bigger and a little nicer, the audio quality is a little better, and there is an auto-resistance option too.  The differences do not seem worth the $1,000+ price difference, but there is an easy way to turn your Bike into a Bike+ with a simple monitor screen attachment.

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Also, if you were not aware, Peloton also has a Bike and Bike+ rental program where you can rent the Bike for $89 / month or the Bike+ for $119 / month.  That price includes the $44 / month All-Access Membership that you would need to purchase if you bought the Bike or Bike+ outright, so the rental price is more like $45 / month for the Bike or $75 / month for the Bike+.  Along with your rental, you also get a free pair of Peloton cycling shoes (you can also purchase cheap, gently used Peloton cycling shoes on eBay).  There is a $150 one time delivery and set up fee, but there is no long term contract, you can cancel anytime, and free returns.  There is also the option to buy out your rental at a discounted price.  I have rented the Bike since December 2022 and am a big fan of renting, especially if you don’t want to commit to a $1,445 Bike purchase that you may or may not use a few months later.

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Recently, my friend told me that you can purchase an attachment that will allow you to adjust and rotate your Peloton monitor screen.  I looked on Amazon and found the TFD (Top Form Design) The Pivot for Peloton Bikes had the best overall reviews.  I bought one a few months ago and it is a game changer for me.  I can do so many more workouts when I rotate the screen 90-180 degrees since it makes it much easier to see the screen without tilting my neck or viewing the screen at a bad angle.

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The installation process took about 10 minutes by myself, but if you had help from a friend, you could probably do the installation in under 5 minutes.  It is amazing how such a simple product made the Peloton Bike so much more useful to me.

If you have any questions about the Pelton Bike, the rental process, or the monitor screen attachment, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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