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Are You Protected from the SIM Swap Hack?

Enjoy sharing your travel adventures with others? Of course you do! So do I. But over time it’s become more and more apparent that we need to be very careful how we do this. And on which mobile device we use. As frequent travelers, one of the most popular ways for sharing our travels is using Instagram. But it’s not just Instagram. Use Amazon, PayPal, or services like Netflix or Hulu on your phone? Then you need to make sure you keep your phone number safe from hackers who SIM swap your phone number and steal it. And don’t link your phone number to your online accounts, either, like Facebook or Twitter. All the major US cell phone providers have introduced new security features. Make sure you implement them. Here’s how!

Amazon Prime Day is Live at 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Update: Exciting news! My favorite travel item that I never leave home without, my Bose Quiet Comfort Noise Canceling Headphones ARE on sale during Amazon Prime Day. I’ve never seen them priced this low, and for sure this deal will disappear. Hope if they’ve been on your Amazon Prime wishlist you’ll be able to get in on this deal!

Amazon Prime day is here! There are thousands of deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members, and if you’re already an Amazon Prime member, you can start shopping early at 12pm PT / 3pm ET on Monday, July 16. That’s today! New deals are announced as often as every five minutes.

Visit the official Amazon Prime Day page to find the best deals and promotions. I’m disappointed that neither of my two favorite items that I recommend and take on every trip are a Prime Day choice this year. Did you find good sale items? Let us know so we don’t miss out!

Amazon Prime Day is Monday (7/16): Deals Start 12pm PT and Run Through Tuesday (7/17)

Are you ready for Amazon Prime Day? Or are you wondering what Amazon Prime Day is? Well, I can tell you, it’s a lot more than just any old PRIME numbered day! It’s Monday, July 16. That’s when there are thousands of deals exclusively for Amazon Prime members.

Starting a few days ago, you can visit the official Amazon Prime Day page where Prime members can find promotions and deals every day leading up to Amazon Prime Day. Continue reading

AMEX Cash Back & Membership Rewards Changes: SPG Transfers, Extended Warranties & More

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Over the weekend, I reviewed my recent American Express credit card statements and spotted some major and minor changes to the terms.  A few months ago, I wrote about other changes: AMEX Membership Rewards Changes: No Points for Cash Equivalents (Gift Cards) & Person-to-Person Payments (Venmo).  Usually, whenever American Express makes a change to their program, it usually benefits American Express more than their cardholders.

In this month’s updates, there are some major and minor changes.  I reviewed the changes to my American Express Blue Cash Everyday Credit Card and there are some changes that affect cash back credit cards.  I also reviewed the changes to my American Express EveryDay Credit Card that earns Membership Rewards Points, and there are some changes there too.  Lastly, some changes affect all types of credit cards.  There is a lot to cover, so I will try to bold the most important stuff.

  • American Express will look at your credit report and may use the info for marketing purposes, to evaluate your account, and more.
  • American Express (and their affiliates and partners) may contact you at any phone number or email address to service your account or collect past due amounts.
  • American Express will specify when and how frequent you can use the Plan It feature.

Continue reading

Amazon Prime: Keep or Cancel? Help Me Decide!

A while ago Amazon announced an increase to their Amazon Prime fees. And even though there are ways to keep the fees at the $99 yearly for a bit longer, it still seemed to me I should take a closer look at whether or not I was getting value from having Amazon Prime even at the $99 rate.

I always say, “Let math be your friend” and in fact, I enjoy math. And I enjoy using spreadsheets, too. I’m not exactly Don in The Rosie Project, but I can come awfully close to his obsession with tracking things.

So let’s take a look at what I actually DO use Amazon Prime for, because I think a lot of people see all the potential uses of Amazon Prime but don’t really use them. Continue reading