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My Oversold Delta Flight: $700 AMEX Gift Card, Hotel Voucher & Morning Flight

Good morning everyone.  Last week, I was flying back from Salt Lake City (SLC) to Oakland (OAK) on Delta.  The flight was oversold, so the gate agent was looking for a few volunteers to take a later flight (depart SLC at 10:30pm, land in OAK at 11:30pm) in exchange for a $700 gift card.  Since I didn’t need to get back to OAK right away, I asked the gate agent if I could take a morning flight into OAK (depart SLC at 8:30am, land in OAK at 9:30am – I would then take BART into SF for work) and I also asked for a hotel voucher for the night.  The gate agent said that was possible, so he added me to the volunteer list, and I waited near the gate for all passengers to board.  After all passengers boarded the flight, the gate agent called me up, changed my flight to the new morning flight, printed out a hotel voucher, and showed me the list of gift cards that I was eligible to claim.  I didn’t take a photo of the laminated sheet on the counter, but I believe these were the same gift cards that were offered.  I decided to go with an American Express gift card since that was basically cash to me.

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Statement Credits Post Fast for $100 Shop with Dell Benefit + Dell 10% Cash Back AMEX Offer

Good afternoon everyone.  Last week, I wrote American Express Business Platinum Stack: $100 Shop with Dell Benefit + Dell 10% Cash Back AMEX Offer.  Fast forward to yesterday, I received my Dell order and my $100 Shop with Dell statement credit, along with the $10.74 cash back earned from the Dell 10% cash back AMEX Offer.  When the dust had all settled, my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card has a credit balance of $3.32 (the closer your order came to exactly $100, the greater your credit balance will be).

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My Short Visit to the New Amazon Go Store in San Francisco

Good afternoon everyone, happy Halloween!  Yesterday, I visited the new Amazon Go store in San Francisco (Google Map).  I would describe the Amazon Go store as a small Whole Foods with prepackaged food, snacks, drinks, and a very minimum first aid section.  There are no electronics or other home goods (besides a few Amazon Go mugs & bottles).  The Amazon Go store was the size of a small 7/11 or convenience store.  You do not need to be an Amazon Prime member, you only need to be an Amazon customer who has a credit card on file.  The first thing you need to do is download the Amazon Go app (iOS or Android), sign into your Amazon account, and select a credit card you want to use (I used my Discover It Credit Card since it earns 5% cash back at Amazon this quarter).

After you set up your Amazon Go app, there will be a diamond QR code.  When you walk inside the Amazon Go store, there are a few waist-high security gates (similar to what you would see if you went to a tall office building).  Scan your Amazon Go diamond QR code like you would at TSA and the security gates will open.  Congrats, you are now inside the Amazon Go store.

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Are You Protected from the SIM Swap Hack?

Enjoy sharing your travel adventures with others? Of course you do! So do I. But over time it’s become more and more apparent that we need to be very careful how we do this. And on which mobile device we use. As frequent travelers, one of the most popular ways for sharing our travels is using Instagram. But it’s not just Instagram. Use Amazon, PayPal, or services like Netflix or Hulu on your phone? Then you need to make sure you keep your phone number safe from hackers who SIM swap your phone number and steal it. And don’t link your phone number to your online accounts, either, like Facebook or Twitter. All the major US cell phone providers have introduced new security features. Make sure you implement them. Here’s how!