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Remember MoviePass? Watch “MoviePass, MovieCrash” Documentary on HBO Max

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Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  Do you remember the MoviePass saga from a few years ago?  I was a huge fan of MoviePass (and also Sinemia) because it allowed me to watch 1-2 movies a week while my wife was in grad school.  I knew it was too good to last ($9.95 / month for any movie at any theater on any day), but I enjoyed the journey while it lasted.  If you think you know the whole MoviePass story, check out the new “MoviePass, MovieCrash” documentary on HBO Max.  Here is the trailer, in case you are interested.

I thought I knew most of the MoviePass story, but I learned many interesting things from the documentary, including that people have sold their old MoviePass card on eBay for up to $100.  Sadly, I shredded my MoviePass card long ago.

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I hope you enjoy the documentary and let me know what you thought.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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