What is “5 X TLS” & Why Did I Earn Bonus American Express Membership Reward Points?

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Good morning everyone.  I was looking at my American Express account and noticed that I just received 2,736 bonus American Express Membership Reward Points with the description of “5 X TLS”.  Maybe I am dumb, but I had never heard of TLS before and was confused why I received the bonus points (confused, but not ungrateful).  I reached out to a few of my travel hacking friends and I was told that TLS stands for “Travel & Lifestyle Services” and is related to booking paid flights and hotels through AMEXTravel.com with an American Express Business Platinum Charge Card.

Since it said “5 X TLS”, I divided 2,736 by 5 and got 547.2.  Therefore, I thought I had to find charges that added up to ~$547.20.  The only time I used my American Express Business Platinum Charge Card with AMEXTravel.com was when I booked 2 tickets on Icelandair.  I added up my 2 charges and got $683.96.  $683.96 is much more than $547.20, so I thought maybe I had to look at the base fares (total minus taxes).  When I added up the base fares for both tickets, I got a number that was much lower than $547.20.

I went back to the drawing board / calculator and divided 2,736 by 4 to get 684.  Bingo!  It looks like $683.96 x 4 = 2,735.84 (rounded up to 2,736).  This makes sense since the charge was from March 30 and I probably earned 1x Membership Reward Points on the original flight purchases.  If you see “5 X TLS” and a number of American Express Membership Reward Points, divide that number by 4 to get the dollar amount of your qualifying flights.

If any one was curious about the time range from when the original purchases were made (March 30) and when the bonus American Express Membership Reward Points posted (May 15), the total is ~47 days or ~6.5 weeks.  It looks like it took ~6.5 weeks for the 5x American Express Membership Reward Points to post for flights booked through AMEXTravel.com.  If you have any other data points, please share them below.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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