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Coronado / San Diego Week: Part 1 of What to Eat, See & Do in Downtown Coronado

Coronado is a gem, and one that I’ve been enjoying for many years now. Whether you stay at Hotel Del Coronado or use other lodging on Coronado, or just come for a day from San Diego, there’s a lot to explore. If you like to walk or bike, or just want to know more about what to see/do in Coronado, you’ll like Shelli’s Coronado Loop! The whole loop takes you by the ocean, through town, to the bay side, along the Coronado Golf Course and back to the ocean. The whole loop is just under 7 miles, but of course it can be done in parts, too. It can be enjoyed both riding a bike and walking. It works in either direction.

Part 1 takes you through what might be called downtown Coronado, from the beach side to the Bay side. Head south from the Hotel Del Coronado. Orange Ave is the main street and is considered downtown Coronado. Depending on where you’re from, this might either seem like a charming definition of a downtown, or you’ll walk the whole avenue and still wonder if you’ve seen downtown!

Welcome to Coronado street banners

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Coronado / San Diego Week: An Introduction to the Hotel Del Coronado & Surrounding Area

When Hilton announced that as of August 15, 2017 the Hotel Del Coronado would be bookable using Hilton Honors Points, it was a big deal! It’s becoming one of Hilton’s Curio Collection, which is for “hotels celebrated for their personality and individuality.” The Del, as we call it, may just be one of the most famous iconic hotels in the U.S. Certainly on the west coast. It opened in 1888! Many people don’t realize that Hilton had already been running The Del, but making its rooms bookable on points changed the game for Hilton loyalists. And for the hotel.

Hotel del Coronado view from the beach.
Image source: http://curiocollection3.hilton.com/en/hotels/california/hotel-del-coronado-curio-collection-by-hilton-SANQQQQ/index.html

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Revisiting Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – Refill Cafe in San Diego

I’m always excited to be able to add a new coffee house to any of the lists I offer you in my Bean Around The World Series. And today, we’re adding one to the San Diego group. It’s called Refill Cafe. I finally got a chance to check them out over the weekend. I had driven by their location many times since they opened a year ago, but never stopped in. For some reason, I assumed rather than using their own roast, they were using a more nationally known roast. You’ll notice in my Bean Around The World Series, I never review coffee houses that don’t roast their own beans because I’m looking for special places that are local for us all to enjoy and support.

Because I really like the way the space looked from the outside, I decided to call Refill and see whose beans they used. Much to my delight, they use Bird Rock beans, which is a roaster in San Diego whose coffee, as well as their spaces, I really like. So that got me interested in heading over to Refill and checking them out. And I’m really glad I did.

The owner, Nathan, had just gone home when I got there late afternoon on a Sunday. However, the staff were super friendly, especially Alexia, who was very patient, friendly, and answered all my questions :) Though Nathan hasn’t had coffee house experience before, he put together a great place. It has both great indoor and outdoor areas with plenty of tables nicely spaced out. And though it’s on a major street, it’s situated in such a way as to avoid the street noise. There’s good street parking that is unmetered. That’s a rarity in San Diego. It’s not in any of the bigger tourist areas, but if you’re near the zoo or Balboa Park, it’s very close.

Refill in-door seating

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Alaska Airlines Flights to Mexico City (MEX) Now Bookable (Travel August 8 from SFO & LAX and November 6 from SAN)

Buenos dias everyone. I shared a few months ago that Alaska Airlines announced new flights to Mexico City from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Although they are still awaiting for approval from Mexican authorities to operate the flights, they have announced tentative start dates and are now accepting reservations. Flights from SFO and LAX begin on August 8th, with SAN following on November 6 (probably because they have to wait to have a new Embraer 175 available).

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Revisiting Shelli’s World Coffee Tour – Burly And The Bean in San Diego

A few months ago, my World Coffee Tour covered the coffee scene in San Diego. I want the Bean Around The World series to be a growing series, so I’m excited to tell you about a new addition to the San Diego coffee scene.  I found out about Burly And The Bean from a friend whose family lives in the Azalea Park area of San Diego. Now maybe as a tourist, you’re thinking you might never go to the Azalea Park neighborhood, but since Azalea Park has a bunch of AirBNB options, you just might find yourself there! In fact, when I went over to Burly yesterday, I met a food blogger from Belgium who was at Burly because he and his family were in an AirBNB unit just up the block.

Burly And The Bean is owned by Justin and his wife, Vanessa. Justin had been in the construction business before venturing out to the coffee kiosk scene. His kiosk did so well, he constructed an outdoor space that’s like no other you’ll find.  Watch the video below to get a sense of the space and of Justin and Vanessa. One thing I can guarantee: you’ll meet lots of fun folks and have some great conversations as well. Justin and Vanessa are passionate about coffee and about Azalea Park and providing a wonderfully welcome space to everyone who drops by.

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