Coronado / San Diego Week: Part 2 of What to Eat, See & Do in Beautiful Coronado

Coronado is a gem, and one that I’ve been enjoying for many years now. Whether you stay at Hotel Del Coronado or use other lodging on Coronado, or just come for a day from San Diego, there’s a lot to explore. If you like to walk or bike, or just want to know more about what to see/do in Coronado, you’ll like Shelli’s Coronado Loop! The whole loop takes you by the ocean, through town, to the bay side, along the Coronado Golf Course and back to the ocean. The whole loop is just under 7 miles, but of course it can be done in parts, too. It can be enjoyed both riding a bike and walking. It works in either direction.  If you haven’t done already, please check out Part 1.

Part 2 takes you through the bay side of Coronado, under the Coronado Bridge, along the golf course through beautiful residential areas, and circles back to the ocean. Doesn’t get better than this!

Starting from the bay park and what’s called Ferry Landing, you’ll see a few restaurants and shops. On weekends, especially during the summer, there’s often live entertainment, and some of the bands can be very good. The area is not just called Ferry Landing. There’s actually a ferry that’s been in business since 1915. The Coronado Ferry takes 15 minutes to cross the bay and goes to two different stops in downtown San Diego. It’s a great way to get into San Diego from Coronado and vice versa.

Coronado Ferry Landing

If you’re in the mood for coffee, there’s a coffee kiosk at Ferry Landing called Coronado Coffee Company. They use WestBean coffee, a local roaster here in San Diego! Keep walking/biking along the sidewalk path and you’ll pass Peohe’s and Il Fornaio. The sidewalk path continues along the bay behind Il Fornaio. You’ll have a spectacular view of the bridge as you walk along.

Coronado Bridge. Image source:

Soon you’ll come upon a Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa. It’s a category 8 Marriott, which means rooms are 40,000 points a night. I really like this hotel. It’s been recently remodeled and has a wonderful location. I like the outdoor and pool areas, as well. It doesn’t have the beach that The Del has, but heck, the beach is only a few miles away on foot or bike :) And if you want to rent a bike, there’s a place to rent one right behind the hotel on the walkway.

Pool at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa. Image source:

I stopped into the hotel last week to see what they thought of The Del’s transition to a Hilton bookable on Hilton Honors Points. I had a great time talking with Andrea and the front desk crew. Usually, if there’s not a business group booking at the Marriott, about 83% of their guests are Marriott members. However, only 10-15% are elite members. In the beginning when Marriott and SPG merged, there was what they called an “SPG factor”, but now they can’t tell who’s who. In general, what happens at The Del doesn’t really matter to them because Marriott people are very loyal! It will bring more people to Coronado, so in a bigger sense, they like that ripple effect.

Just past the Marriott, you’ll see Coronado’s biggest green grassy park with fields and a huge kid’s playground. You’ll continue as the path loops around and under the bridge and along the golf course. There’s a huge tall screen fence, so there’s no chance you’ll get hit by a golf ball! This part of the loop is maybe 15 minutes and on the opposite side of the street from the golf course, you’ll be in a lovely residential area of Coronado. I always like seeing the architecture and gardens. You’ll also pass a large tennis center and the Coronado Yacht Club.

Coronado Yacht Club. Image source:

Stay on the bay side of the street because just past Bluewater Boathouse Restaurant you’re in for a historical treat: an amazing photo exhibit of Coronado’s history. Coronado was originally called Tent City. This outdoor exhibit and homage to Coronado’s past is wonderful. It was installed in 2009. I love photo exhibits like this one because I enjoy history and it really does take me back in time through Coronado’s colorful past. You’ll come to Coronado’s City Hall and Community Theater Playhouse. Now it’s time to cross the street and head back towards the ocean and finish your loop.

Coronado walkway by the Bay

Let me add two finishing touches to these posts on Shelli’s Coronado Loop. You may be wondering about the Airbnb scene on Coronado. There isn’t an official policy yet, but it is frowned upon and the people who are offering Airbnb rentals are running into resistance, so just be aware of that. As for restaurants the locals like, Tent City, Brigantine, Peohe’s, Chez Loma, and Tartine rank high.

View of Downtown San Diego from Coronado

I hope you’ve found these blog posts on what to eat, see, and do in Coronado helpful. It’s an easy place to enjoy! If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “Coronado / San Diego Week: Part 2 of What to Eat, See & Do in Beautiful Coronado

  1. Shelli Post author

    HI Mike, I’m thinking you’re referring to swimming in the ocean. I swim in the ocean there, but it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves. And it’s important to pay attention to the flags the lifeguards post. There can be a strong undertow at times. Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

  2. Jeremy

    Coronado and Silver Strand Beaches are great. If you go at the right time and during minus tide, you will likely see people digging for pismo clams. And if you get a fishing license, you can dig for them yourself :)

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks for the tip, Jeremy. I haven’t seen anyone clamming lately. There have been lots of beautiful sand dollars on the beach, though. Bike riding along the Strand is popular this time of year. Have a great day!

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