Boingo Preferred Plan for AMEX Platinum, Chase Freedom Refer-a-Friend 20k, and SPG Refer-a-Friend 30k

AMEX Plat Card

Boingo Preferred Plan for American Express Platinum Credit Card Holders, Chase Freedom Refer-a-Friend 20k, and SPG Refer-a-Friend 30k

(Hat Tip to Gary for the heads up on the new American Express Platinum Credit Card Perk)

For those of you with an American Express Platinum Credit Card (Personal, Business, or Mercedes Benz version), there is a new perk available.  American Express and partnered with Boingo to offer free unlimited WiFi at over 1 million Boingo hotspots around the world.  To sign up, click this link.

Boingo Home Page

Enter your 15 digit American Express Platinum Credit Card number (will not work for Canadian, Australia, or other international cards) and click the Verify Eligibility button.

Enter AMEX Plat CC

Assuming you have the right credit card, fill in your personal information and click the Submit button.

Create Boingo Account

To make is even easier to join Boingo hotspots, download and install either the smartphone app or computer program.  This app/program will automatically find and alert you to the nearest Boingo hotspot.

Download Boingo App

Here are the download links for the apps and software:

In the welcome email, it says you can use your Boingo account on up to 4 devices, perfect for the whole family (assuming you have/like 3 other family members).

Boingo Welcome Email


I’m sure I am the 1 millionth person to tell you this, but Chase doubled the Chase Freedom Credit Card sign up bonus from 10,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points to 20,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points.  In addition, if you add an authorized user to your Chase Freedom account, you will earn an additional $25 bonus (might be 2,500 additional Chase Ultimate Reward Points, I’m not sure).  It is not too late to get in on this quarter’s 5% cash back categories which are restaurants and Lowe’s home improvement stores.  The 5% cash back offer is available from now through June 30.  Read this post for more info (link).

Chase Freedom 20,000 UR Point Bonus

One of my blog readers sent me an email this morning that he was able to ask Chase for an additional 10,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points since he received his Chase Freedom Credit Card a few weeks ago.  Just like my advice from a few weeks ago (Get 10,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points or 60,000 Chase UR Points with new Chase Ink Bold/Plus Credit Card Sign Up Offer), if you have applied for the Chase Freedom Credit Card within the last 90 days, you can send Chase a Secure Message and they will give you 10,000 Chase Ultimate Reward Points.

Freedom 10k Bonus

If you have friends or family (I hope you do), you can earn $50 per referral of the Chase Freedom Credit Card, just click here and fill in your last name, zip code, and last 4 digits on your Chase Freedom Credit Card.

Chase Refer Friend Freedom

Your friends/family will get the same publicly available offer and you will earn $50 per approved referral.  You can get up to $500 total during this promotion, which is valid through September 30.

Chase Freedom Send Email Referrals


Not to be outdone by Chase, American Express has increased the sign up bonus for their American Express Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Personal and Business Credit Card.  The normal offer is 10,000 SPG points after your first purchase, then an additional 15,000 SPG points after you spend $5,000 in 3 months.  For 1 month only (offer ends June 30), you will get 10,000 SPG points after your first purchase, then an additional 20,000 SPG points after you spend $5,000 in 3 months.  Not a huge difference, but this is as good as the sign up bonus gets.

30k SPG AMEX Offer

Likewise, American Express has their own Refer-A-Friend website where you can refer friends/family members to sign up for the personal (link) or business (link) credit card.

AMEX SPG Refer Friend Home

Your friends/family members will get the currently available sign up bonus and you will earn 5,000 SPG points per approval, up to a total of 55,000 SPG points.

Enter Emails AMEX SPG Credit Card 30k

All you need to do is enter your first name, last name, and email address in the top 3 boxes and your friend/family member’s first name, last name, and email address.

SPG AMEX Email Addresses

American Express will send them an email along with a link to sign up for the credit card.

AMEX SPG Referral Email Sent

Here is what your recipient’s email looks like:

Recipient Email AMEX SPG Top 30k

Recipient Email AMEX SPG Bottom 30k

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Please do not leave a comment below saying something like… “Hey everyone!  Email me at grant (at) thomas (dot) com if you want to use my Chase Freedom link!” – I will delete/edit those comments.

11 thoughts on “Boingo Preferred Plan for AMEX Platinum, Chase Freedom Refer-a-Friend 20k, and SPG Refer-a-Friend 30k

  1. Alex W.

    I already have Chase Freedom which was approved 3 years ago and I never cancel it and been using it until now.
    Can I apply for another Freedom card to get the promotion bonus now ?

    FYI , I just got approved for Ink card 2 days ago. Will applying another card issued by Chase within couple days after I got approved will lessen my chance to get approved?

    1. Grant

      You can only get the sign up bonus once per card, so you won’t be able to get the Chase Freedom sign up bonus again. You can get a personal card after being approved for a business card. You might have to do a reconsideration call though if you don’t get instantly approved.

      1. Alex W.

        Thanks for the advice, what is the good Chase personal card that has great sign up bonus offer right now?

        I already have Freedom, two SW cards.
        Plan to go to Europe with free stopover in Asia. next year. Any suggestion for good Chase personal cards that can be used to hotel and airplane mileage is highly appreciated. Been thinking of United Mileage Plus, Lufthansa card (is it issued by Chase?), or Sapphire Preferred.

        1. Grant

          If you do not have a Chase Ink Biz credit card, you really should get a Chase Sapphire Preferred credit cards hen you can transfer your Chase Ultimate Reward Points to all of Chase’s transfer partners.

  2. EY

    The link for Chase Freedom referrals didn’t work for me…it said they’re only running the promotion with select customers. :( I’ve been a Chase Freedom customer for 10 years!!

      1. EY

        Yeah, my brother-in-law wants to take advantage of the promotion too! I sent them a secure message to ask if I could please have some bonus points for referring family/friends…kinda silly that I have to ask. ;)

        1. EY

          This is the exact message: “This Promotion is currently being tested and only eligible customers will be able to get through the authentication screen to refer a friend. Make sure you entered your information exactly as it appears on your account. If you feel you’ve received this message in error please call the number on the back of your card for assistance.”

  3. D3dish

    My husband has the SPG personal and biz cards. I’m an authorized user for the personal SPG. Would I be eligible for the bonus 30k if I apply for my own card? Would hate to waste a hard pull and spend 5k if I won’t get the bonus anyway.

    Another thing, I have the Chase Freedom card currently. Had it for years, it was another card initially, forgot what it was, but got converted to Freedom. I believe it was one of my oldest card, about 8yrs old. So technically I never received the signed up bonus (or any sign up bonus for this card, for the matter). So would I also be eligible to get this bonus if I open up one again?

    1. Grant

      Authorized users are eligible for the sign up bonus on the SPG personal or business credit card. As for the Chase Freedom, I am not sure. You would have to close the Freedom and then reapply. But still, there is no guarantee that you will get the sign up bonus.

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