Access Priority Pass Lounges without your Card (Use Priority Pass App & Apple Wallet)

(Hat Tip to Travel Codex’s post and my friend Victor)

A few months ago, I wrote Access Centurion Lounges without your American Express Platinum Card.  In that post, I showed how you could enter any Centurion Lounge (or Studio) without having your American Express Platinum Card.  All you need to do is have the lounge attendant look you up by your SSN in American Express’s system.  Until recently, it was impossible to access a Priority Pass lounge without presenting your physical Priority Pass card at the lounge.  With the updated Priority Pass app (iOS or Android), you can now access most Priority Pass lounges with the app, no physical card required.  Since I have an iPhone, I will show you how to access the lounge with the iOS app, but the process should be very similar for Android devices.  Here is an introduction to the Priority Pass app.  If you are new to the app, read about some of the built-in features and functionalities of the app.

Log into your Priority Pass account on the app.  If you have your Priority Pass card but you do not have an online account, you will need to create a Priority Pass account online here.  If you cannot create an account online, you can call Priority Pass (phone numbers) for help.  Once you are logged in, click the QR code icon in the upper left corner.

Here is the QR code that will allow you to access the Priority Pass lounge.  You can either show the lounge attendant the QR code in the app, or you can save it to your Apple Wallet or save the card as a photo in your camera roll.  I added the card to my Apple Wallet so I don’t have to have the physical card with me to enter the lounges.  Supposedly, when I approach a Priority Pass lounge, my iPhone should prompt me to show my Priority Pass card on the screen.

You can view additional information and settings in the Priority Pass app.  You should also enable WiFi only downloads and update the app data so you have the latest lounge info.

In the My Account section, you can view the expiration date of your membership and all of your visits (I haven’t used my Priority Pass card in the last year).

To search for Priority Pass lounges, type the name of the airport or airport code.  For San Francisco (SFO), there is an Air France / KLM Lounge in the International Terminal.  When you click on the lounge, you will see additional information like hours of operations, location, amenities, whether the digital card is accepted, and rules for entering.  In this case, you can only use the Air France / KLM lounge if you have a flight departing Concourse A (aka the International Terminal).  If you are not departing from the International Terminal, you will not be able to access the lounge.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Happy travels everyone!

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    1. Grant Post author

      That may be true, but I’ve always had success using the Priority Pass app. I believe they can also look you up in the system by your Priority Pass number, which you can find within the Priority Pass app.

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