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Nationwide Visa Buxx $200 Reload Limit Now Live

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Good morning everyone.  A few days ago, Doctor of Credit alerted us to major changes to the Nationwide Visa Buxx reloadable debit card.  The old weekly reload limit was $500 per card, now the new reload limit is $200 per card.  Here are the current reload limits as of 1/12/2016:

Nationwide Buxx New Limits

I logged in to my Nationwide Visa Buxx account and attempted to reload more than $200 to my card.

Nationwide Buxx $200 Limit

Unfortunately, a big red error message popped up and told me to change my entry to be between $10 and $200.

Nationwide Buxx $200 Limit Error

I reloaded a Nationwide Visa Buxx teen card in the last 7 days so I couldn’t even test a $200 reload this morning.  I assume the fee is still $2 per reload.  Previously, you could reload 4 cards up to $1,000 each in a single month.  That would require 8 $500 reloads, costing a total of $16 in reload fees (8 x $2).  It says you can reload up to 5 times per month, at $200 per week, so technically it should be possible to load the same $1,000 to each card.  If you can fully fund all 4 cards at $1,000, that would require 20 $200 reloads, costing a total of $40 in reload fees (20 x $2).  I’m not sure if it is a great deal, but I will probably continue to load my Nationwide Visa Buxx teen cards until a better deal comes along.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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13 thoughts on “Nationwide Visa Buxx $200 Reload Limit Now Live

  1. calwatch

    The cost is similar to purchasing VGC at the drugstore and slightly more expensive than Simon. Overall it is still not a bad choice for minimum spend especially since you can “unload” at any ATM.

  2. Sean

    I went ahead and set up manual scheduled reloads through July 2016 on all our five teens. I’m hoping I will somehow get “grandfathered” by a bug in their lame software. All will be revealed on 1/11 when the first load is scheduled (the earliest I could do).

  3. Lynn

    I decided to do this on Jan 10th, after finding out my bluebird was shut down. I was able to load an initial $500 and set up weekly reloads for $500, starting on Jan 11th. Looks like both went through. I’m sure it won’t continue. How many times a month do you do any spends on this card? With the US Bank Buxx, as long as I did around 5 spend transactions a month, they didn’t shut me down.


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