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How to Easily Cancel your Google Express Free Trial or Membership

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Good afternoon everyone.  A few months ago, LivingSocial had a deal where you could get a free 6 month membership and $20 in credit for Google Express for the cost of $5.  I saw the offer as a great way to get $15 of free stuff from Google Express and jumped at the offer.  Like all good things, the free 6 month membership came to an end, but thankfully Google sent me an email yesterday letting me know that my first monthly payment was scheduled to go through on November 19.  They also provided a helpful link at the bottom of the email with steps to cancel my Google Express membership.


On this Google Express help page, there is another link that took me to my Google Express account.


From here, I clicked the End Membership link.


To confirm that I wanted to cancel my membership, I clicked the End Membership button.


Success!  My Google Express membership was now canceled.


I also received a confirmation email from Google Express.  I can still use the service, but there is a $4.99 fee for all qualifying delivers.  I have no plans to use Google Express in the future, but if I started to use it more frequently, I could reactivate my membership and pay the $10 monthly fee.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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One thought on “How to Easily Cancel your Google Express Free Trial or Membership

  1. J Wong

    I have checked with the Google support, they told me as of August 2017, Google would not charge subscription fee to Google Express anymore, so no need to cancel your membership. Actually membership selection has been removed from the Express apps too. Enjoy the same free shipping if your order meet the minimum purchase in your cart.


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