Trip Report: Priority Pass Club MOBAY Lounge at Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport

After checking out of the butler suite at the All-Inclusive Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica, I had some time before my flight home, so I was pleasantly surprised to find Club MOBAY at the Montego Bay, Jamaica, airport.  It was even better to find they accepted Priority Pass.  If you are not a Priority Pass member, there are several travel reward credit cards which offer a Priority Pass membership by being a credit card holder. You can also access Priority Pass Lounges without your Card (Priority Pass App + Apple Wallet).

You enter the lounge by going downstairs and checking in at the desk.  This desk is in a hallway; the lounge rooms are accessible from here, as well as the spa and restrooms.  Inside the lounge, there are several other rooms which made for decent privacy and great noise barriers.  It was easy to find a space that was reasonably quiet.

The Food & Drinks

The food and drink selection were good for a free lounge.  There were many items to choose from and the bartenders were awesome and very energetic.  They would interact with the guests and projected a laid back Jamaica feeling throughout the lounge.  The food options included pumpkin soup, beef / chicken / vegetarian patties, fruit cocktails, parfaits, different types of salads, pasta, wraps, and of course Jamaican jerk pulled pork.  Packaged items, like banana chips, were nice treats as well.  I took a few for snacks on the flight home.

The Mango Spa

The Mango Spa is an independent business within the lounge, so their services are not free, but it was nice to see you could get a massage if you wanted one while in the lounge.

Let me know if you have any questions about the lounge.

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3 thoughts on “Trip Report: Priority Pass Club MOBAY Lounge at Montego Bay, Jamaica Airport

  1. Paul

    I thought I remember reading somewhere that club Moby Lounge was an expedited customs benefit. Does that mean that the priority pass allows access to this expedited benefit?

    1. Rich

      I don’t believe the expedited service is included, just access to the arrival/departure lounges. You can book the expedited service through UR activities at a discount.

  2. Chris C

    Not true… the expedited or “Fast attack” access is included for PriorityPass members. There is a desk located pre-security by the entreance sign for gates 1-19 where you can show your Prioritypass and they’ll escort you into the FastTrack lane so you can skip the general security screening line. I went through yesterday and there was no one in the FastTrack line. At the pre-sec desk, they’ll also give you a voucher to access the lounge.


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