Wells Fargo Propel World AMEX Sign Up Bonus Posts Slowly

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  In March, I wrote a blog post where I contemplated applying for 10 credit cards during my March App-O-Rama.  In April, I shared the results of my App-O-Rama. And then in May, I wrote My March App-O-Rama Credit Card Sign Up Bonuses Post.  One noticeable exception to that last post was the 40,000 Go Far Rewards Points sign up bonus for my Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Credit Card.  I patiently waited for the sign up bonus to post, but it seemed like the points got lost (insert bad joke that Wells Fargo is still using horse-drawn stagecoaches to deliver sign up bonuses and maybe a bank robber intercepted my points).

Anyway, I kept checking my Wells Fargo account to see if the sign up bonus points posted, but they did not.  Looking back at the below screenshot, it said I had 31 days left to complete the spending requirement, but I had $0 left to spend.  The below screenshot was taken on June 6 and said 31 days left.  31 days after June 6 would be July 7, so I planned to check my Wells Fargo account around July 7.

I forgot to check my Wells Fargo account on July 7, but when I logged in on July 9, I noticed that my Go Far Rewards points balance was 40,000 points larger.

I checked my Go Far Rewards account activity and the 40,000 Go Far Rewards Points posted on July 8, which was one day more than the countdown stated.

I received the Wells Fargo Propel World American Express Credit Card on March 28 and completed the $3,000 minimum spending requirement on April 30.  The next credit card statement closed on May 7, but there was no sign up bonus.  I waited another month and the next credit card statement closed on June 6, but there was still no sign up bonus.  After waiting another month, my credit card statement closed around July 8 and the 40,000 bonus points posted to my account.  The wait was finally over.  It took roughly 2 months after meeting the minimum spending requirement to receive the sign up bonus.  That is really slow in my book, since some credit card companies (like American Express) will issue the sign up bonus points as soon as the minimum spending requirement is met, even mid cycle.

It had been such a long time since I applied for the credit card that I needed to read Doctor of Credit’s review on this credit card to refresh my memory.  Good thing I did, since I completely forgot that this credit card offers a $100 airline statement credit.  Thanks for the reminder, DOC!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Mark O

    I think it has been posted in Flyertalk that it will post 1 statement after the statement you meet the min spend and they like to post it with a charge on your statement. So if you would have made a purchase before your june statement closed you probably would have gotten it then. That is how it worked for me and the wife too.


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