My Love / Hate Relationship with British Airways & (LONG STORY)

Good morning everyone.  A long time ago, British Airways had a promotion with where you could earn 150 British Airways Avios per dollar spent.  The following story talks about my struggle to get the British Airways Avios I was owed.  Be prepared, this is a very long post.  I hope you enjoy.

Since the promotion was 150x, I wanted my membership to be as large as possible, so I prepaid for 12 months of membership along with a bunch of extras.  The total came out to $548.57 and I should have earned 82,286 British Airways Avios, or a cost of 0.67 CPM.

I completed my purchase and was a member as of March 2.

Here is a breakdown of all the membership features and their costs.

The purchase was tracking nicely in the British Airways Avios eStore, but the number of Avios was lower than expected.  I was hoping that when the transaction was approved, the correct number of Avios would be deposited to my British Airways Avios eStore account.

A few weeks later, I logged into my British Airways Avios eStore account and saw that the transaction was declined.  What was going on?

I immediately reached out to British Airways and on Twitter for help.

According to the Twitter conversation I had, British Airways handles all claims within 14 days and handles the claims by order date.

I filed a British Airways Avios eStore missing cash back claim and here is what it looked like.

Here is the start of a lengthy conversation I had with British Airways that began on April 24 (time zone is in the UK).

Eric, a British Airways Avios eStore customer service agent, responded on April 27.

I thanked Eric for helping me on April 27.

I followed up on May 3.

Eric responded on May 4.

I followed up on May 11.

I followed up again on May 22.

I followed up again on June 5.

I followed up again on June 13.

Eric responded on July 6 with a lengthy cut and paste email saying that my transaction was not eligible to earn British Airways Avios but they could not tell me why.  I was not happy!

I immediately copied the email and reached out British Airways and on Twitter.

As expected, British Airways was not helpful on Twitter.

And neither was  They kept pointing fingers at each other and no one wanted to help me.

On July 9, I reached out to through their customer service online form.

I received an automated response from Based on the keywords I used in my email, they assumed I had an issue with my daily matches.  Luckily, there was info at the bottom of the email that told me to respond to that automated email if I still needed help. I copied and pasted my first email to and sent it off.

On July 13, I received a response from that said they were escalating my concern to the refund review department.  I thought that was interesting since I never mentioned a refund in any of my emails, but if wanted to give me a refund, I would not object.

On July 17, I received an email from that they were issuing a full refund of $548.57 back to my credit card.

On July 18, the refund posted to my credit card.

When I originally signed up for, I wasn’t expecting much.  I signed up entirely for the British Airways Avios, but since I was a paying customer (at the time), I decided to use the service and see what happened.  A few weeks into my membership, I met an amazing girl named Laura that I am happy to call my girlfriend.  After our second date, I told her that I signed up for for the miles.  By then, she knew about my travel blog and my obsession with credit card rewards. I told her that when the British Airways Avios posted to my account, I would use the miles to take us on a cool trip (Hawaii perhaps), but unfortunately, British Airways & had other plans.

Long story short, I was on for a few months, met my amazing girlfriend Laura, and got all my money back after dozens of emails and weeks of fighting.  In the end, it was worth all the headache.

If you have any questions about the British Airways Avios eStore or, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

21 thoughts on “My Love / Hate Relationship with British Airways & (LONG STORY)

  1. Brant

    Hey Grant,

    So, I see you couldn’t resist writing about this!! LOL!! Well, congratulations on the new girl friend. She’s a cutie!!
    As you may remember from our conversation on FB, I finally got my Avios back in my account for the promo to the tune of 34,184 Avios! This is a number I remember well due to the many, many times I had to use it in email correspondence with BA and Match. I am sorry you didn’t get your Avios, but somehow I feel you should have enough points and miles to take your new sweetie on a tremendous Hawaiian vacation soon! If not, let me know. I have some extra Avios in my account!

    1. Grant Post author

      Haha, I couldn’t resist writing about my BA / Match experience.

      We do have a trip to Hawaii booked, but thank you for the offer :)

  2. Xtina

    Grant, look at that smile on your face, and she’s really cute. I’m sorry the Avios deal didn’t work out for you and I really appreciate your post. Ultimately, you ended up financially whole, with the BEST EVER unexpected “perk” as the end result. Happy for you!!

  3. shaun

    So I had an equally frustrating experience. I did the $245 membership and went in to pending. I contacted the BA shopping portal (same Eric guy) and went back and forth and actually got my points. Around the same time got my refund. I thought I actually pulled one over on BA until fast forward 2 months and they took the points back….leaving my BA account -29,000. I had used the Avios for a first class ticket over xmas on AA. After much back and forth between BA customer service, they basically said at some point the computer will cancel the reservations unless my balance is positive. Luckily i ended up catching the Amex transfer promo, but still was a lot of work for basically zero results.

    1. Grant Post author

      Yikes, that is scary. I am sorry British Airways “blackmailed” you into putting the miles back into your account or risk having your tickets cancelled. So frustrating!

  4. Chris

    awesome story! Good thing it worked out for you in at least one way in the end. Kinda reminded me of when I was trying to get back the 100k Amex points that they clawed back, except I still didn’t get the points nor a girl, lol. So you’re still good :)

  5. MD

    I used a miles and points offer to sign up for a few years ago, so I was (thankfully) ineligible for this offer.
    Through that offer, I met someone within a couple weeks of signing up. We were married this February.

    You got the best offer you could have out of this deal. Congrats.

  6. Ross Jordan

    You have more patience than I. I would have opened a credit card dispute on this issue a few weeks after the BA shopping site rejected my claim. At least the dispute will cause a little pain and extra fees for match. If enough people who were part of this promo did that, then Amex would review the merchant and perhaps cause them to do the right thing.

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