Sunday Read: New York Times and the Equifax Security Breach

Many of us have been amazed at how badly Equifax handled the security breach. Do you know that Equifax made more than $1 million dollars in political donations last year to “prevent” tighter regulations on data security? They are located in Georgia, where the state law does not specify how soon a company must notify the consumers in case of a security breach. One question that keeps getting asked is, “Why can Equifax be so irresponsible?” This New York Times article, if you haven’t already seen it, gives us the best answer I’ve seen. It’s because Equifax considers that we consumers are their products, not customers.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Read: New York Times and the Equifax Security Breach

  1. Carl

    I think you meant “where” instead of “because.” They are located in GA *because* that’s where they started. There weren’t concerns about security breaches in the 19th Century.

  2. Hi, My Name is

    We as products can best refuse to be working products by refusing to use credit lending services that use Equifax. Campaign, e-blast, tweet disrupt, bad PR any bank that retains a relationship with them and well, if done right that should be it (??). Assuming protest still works in this country. [tongue + cheek].

    Chase, Citi and USAA exclusively use Equifax according to this post:

    While I did love Fight Club, I like my points more…


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