Drink Coffee? Enjoy Traveling? Here’s Good News!

I don’t know about you, but I want to stay super healthy for as long as I can so I can keep traveling! And it turns out this goal AND one of my favorite passions intersect perfectly. Turns out that coffee drinking could lead to longer life! And studies show the benefits that correlate coffee drinking with longer life increase with each cup.

So I guess I’m doing us all a favor by traveling and writing about the best coffee houses I find so that we can all stay healthy and enjoy traveling for a long long time :) I swear I’m not making this stuff up. See for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Drink Coffee? Enjoy Traveling? Here’s Good News!

  1. Jon W.

    I’m just sad that the bean around the world series has not had a new post since July! How will I have a longer life if I don’t know where to sip abroad!? ;)

    (Also noting that I’ll be going to Singapore with Tonei next week so I can definitely give you a list of places I loved when I get back…or maybe Tonei and I could guest blog a bean around the world post!)

    1. Shelli Post author

      Ah, a special place coming up soon, I promise. Eh, OK? You’re too funny, Jon W. I’m heading to Singapore soon, so I’ll take your recommendations and use them as a starting point, Deal? Besides, until you try Underbelly, how do I know I can trust your taste :))


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