Hawaiian Airlines Winter Sale Ends Tomorrow! Fares Starting at $397 Roundtrip

It used to be that any roundtrip fare under $300 from the west coast to Hawaii was an amazing deal. That dates me, for sure. Then it was any RT fare under $350 was “the deal”. Now it’s a fare under $400 that gets you thinking about jumping on board and heading to the islands. There are three times of the year I think are best to get away to Hawaii. Crowds have thinned out and prices have come down. This sale speaks to one of those times: after the New Year and before spring break. The good deals are mainly from the west coast cities to Maui and Oahu.

And there’s one that really ruffles my feathers, and not in a good way. Roundtrip from SAN to Oahu is $509 and from JFK to Oahu it’s $697. What is it with the SAN market? Always overpriced on the high end of sales. I’d like someone to explain to me how it could possibly only be $200 more to fly across the U.S. and back. I think SAN deserves to be in the $397 range just like SFO and Oakland :) Anybody jumping on this sale? The deal ends tomorrow, October 26. Once you get to Maui or Oahu, you can connect to any of the other Hawaiian Islands very easily with a Hawaiian Airlines award flight. If you do head to Hawaii, be sure to check out the coffee and where to eat articles I’ve posted. Thanks!

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