Giveaway: Share your Veteran’s Day Weekend Plans & Win an Amazon eGift Card

Good morning everyone, happy Friday.  Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, so I wanted to do a little giveaway to celebrate.  Please share your Veteran’s Day Weekend plans with me and I will pick my 3 favorite comments and send each winner a $10 Amazon eGift Card.  Bonus points if you do something related to veterans, soldiers, or members of the military.  You have until 11:59pm PT on Sunday evening (11/12) to enter the giveaway.  I will pick 3 winners on Monday morning (11/13) and send out the $10 Amazon eGift Cards.

I will get the giveaway started by sharing my Veteran’s Day Weekend plans.  My girlfriend and I are flying down to San Diego tonight.  We are staying at the DoubleTree hotel using Hilton Honors points, going to the San Diego Zoo (thanks to the Groupon deal I found for 25% off tickets), and going on a seal boat ride (similar to the duck boat rides in other cities).  She booked the flights using the San Francisco Giants Virgin America Buy 1 Get 1 Free code for attending Virgin America Night baseball game.  We will walk by the Navy ships in San Diego harbor and see what type of events are going on.

If you have any questions about the giveaway, please let me know.  Thank you for entering and good luck everyone!

27 thoughts on “Giveaway: Share your Veteran’s Day Weekend Plans & Win an Amazon eGift Card

  1. Liz

    Sounds like a fun weekend!
    I am attending a game night – I’m in a Meetup for board games, and a friend from that is having his own board game party. Will also see Murder on the Orient Express, with my boyfriend, and grab lunch that Sunday.

    1. Grant Post author

      Oh boardgames, I haven’t played those in years. I miss those days. What games are you playing? If you want a raunchy comedy, Bad Moms Christmas will lift your spirits :)

  2. Rick

    Flying to San Diego from NYC tonight (using BOGO from DL Amex for air, Hyatt points for hotel) & honoring vets by attending ceremonies at Cabrillo National Monument (free Park admission to all national parks & monuments this weekend for Veterans Day).

    1. Grant Post author

      Awesome, we might cross paths in San Diego. I’ve never been to Cabrillo National Monument, but Shelli tells me it is beautiful. Thank you for honors our veterans. Have a great trip.

      1. Jon W.

        Oh it’s beautiful Grant! You need to go. It’s definitely one of the top spots I take every friend to during their first time in San Diego. Nice historic lighthouse and beautiful views of both the city & bay and the Pacific Ocean

  3. Anna

    Haha! Also in San Diego this weekend! At the Hyatt Mission Bay on an Award night. Will go to Sea World (it always honors veterans). Also, going to see Megan Leavey (about a soldier and her military dog). Because I love dogs. And it’s a German shepherd. And it’s Veteran’s Day weekend.

    1. Grant Post author

      That sounds like a great Veteran’s Day Weekend you have planned. Weather in San Diego is supposed to be pretty nice, so I am looking to escape the rainy San Francisco Bay for this weekend :)

  4. Fran

    still trying to figure out what to do! waiting on a good travel deal! eep! but since it’s friday, we’re prob gonna stay home. so sad :( :( :(

    1. Grant Post author

      You can do a staycation or roadtrip with a Saturday night hotel stay. Is there anyplace 2-5 hours away that you would want to visit?

  5. Francis

    Tonight, I’m seeing Daddy’s Home 2 with a few new friends I met(just moved to Cali last month). Tomorrow taking my fur son to the dog beach and hiking afterwards for the very first time.
    Usually for Veterans day I thank my husband (now ex) for his service but F him.

  6. Lori

    The local aquarium offers free admission for veterans and spouses and we could use a free car wash.

    My husband is an OEF/OIF veteran and usually spends the weekend talking to his buddies. I would love for us to travel to Washington DC over Veteran’s Day weekend as I have the points and miles, but he is not comfortable traveling/flying as of yet.

  7. Jonathan

    I’m hiking with my Meetup group in Joshua Tree – the hike leader is a veteran and we are doing a surprise picnic party for him! We may stop by the Morongo Casino on the way back to try our luck! It will probably end up being a “casino deposit” but like they say….Hey, you never know!

  8. Carl

    I’m taking a friend to Miraval, where I’m using my two free nights from the Hyatt Credit Card signup. I’m also using my companion certificate from the DL Reserve card to make the trip an even greater value. The only thing that would make it better is if World of Hyatt permitted confirmed suite upgrades on certificate stays (only cash and/or points qualify). Since I’m Globalist + Authentic Circle, I’ll at least get the best possible room (and mayyyybe a suite if still available). But regardless, the nearly $4k value will be fantastic!

    Have a fantastic time in SAN, Grant! Definitely do Cabrillo if you can. It’s worth $$ for those views but being able to go for free on Saturday is phenomenal. I’m extremely fortunate to have a cousin there who has a pass, so I can enjoy it anytime I can convince her to go. :)

  9. Jon W.

    Staying in the Bay, actually, but using that time to plan my mid December Vegas trip to see Britney seeing what Marriott property I may stay in to get the 2nd stay I need for the stay twice promo. I’ll also probably go to the parade in the city tomorrow before watching a movie at Embarcadero center with the guy I’m seeing.

  10. Seth

    I’m going to change my Facebook profile picture to a cool picture of me with a gun in the Army so everybody can be reminded to thank me for my service! In keeping with the spirit of my compulsion to maximize credit card benefits and miles; I’m also going to spend the weekend maximizing all of the free veteran deals by eating 23 dinners for free and getting 12 car washes!

  11. Susan P

    My weekend plans will begin tomorrow when I walk in the town’s Veteran’s Day parade with the Girl Scouts. Then we will be celebrating mutual birthdays by going out to dinner with our good friends. Hopefully, Sunday will be a day for much needed rest.

  12. mrah

    i take care of a 500 acre property (and ~40~ yr old horse!!) in northern GA and have recently met an older couple in my area while out on a bike ride. when i last ran into them, they sheepishly asked what i was doing this weekend. i didn’t have plans. but. now i have plans. i’m helping them out with some yard work that for someone like me ain’t nuthin’ but for them is a big sumthin’!

    they said they would like to pay me. i said, “sure, as long as it’s precisely and exactly $0.00!!” they laughed. and we shook hands.

  13. Sue

    I have a friend come from Singapore. He is a wine person so I will take him to Napa Valley for wine tasting, lunch and dinner around St.Helena area.

  14. Swisspotluck

    I will drive down to visit my parents and we will go out to eat at their favorite restaurant. After the restaurant we will head to Starbucks and he gets his free Veteran’s Coffee. When we are tucked away at our table and chatting, I give him a handmade Veteran’s Day card. He was in the Air Force and went through the Russian language program at Syracuse. He was stationed near the North Sea and used to listen to Russian Radio transmissions for anything alarming. In respect to his particular job in the military, I always write the text in the card in Cyrillic. I use some true easy Russian words, but the rest is just English words transliterated into Cyrillic text. He doesn’t remember much Russian after 50 years, but still knows Cyrillic)

  15. Judy Jones

    My usual running around. The free lunch of stone crab claws, the free car wash, the free haircut, the 1/2 price oil change, and the free shrimp dinner. Veteran’s Day is better than Christmas, and I am so fortunate and happy that businesses appreciate our service. All the employees also get bigger tips, since the savings are so great!

  16. tom

    I finally made it to Abilene, Kansas to visit the President Eisenhower Museum and Library. It’s only a few hours drive from OKC, but I just hadn’t made it up there before. On the way I saw the signs for “Swedish town” and detoured over to Linsborg. A very nice town with a couple of galleries and gift shops as well as several dala horses in the downtown area. Also found lefse in the grocery store, but left the lutefisk there for others. The Eisenhower Musuem and his childhood home were both very interesting. I left with a much better understanding his Presidency and military career. Also in town is a greyhound museum, but I opted to head over to Salina and BWW to get some free wings for Veterans Day.

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