How to Watch the 2018 Winter Olympics

The last time I was in Seoul was in 2014. I had a fantastic stay at the Park Hyatt Seoul, and now that I think about it, maybe that was when I got hooked on the Park Hyatt experience. In 2014, Korea was just starting to build some venues for the 2018 Winter Olympics. I could have gone to see them, but they were in the early stages and I guess I was thinking, I’d be back in Korea before 2018. Well, the world is a big place, I haven’t had a chance to get back to Korea, and like most of you, I’m watching the 2018 Winter Olympics from my couch dreaming about bibimbap, Seoul style.

Here’s a great article I found about watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. It covers some questions I had about streaming and watching through virtual reality. Interesting read! Have an olympic sized weekend, everyone, and thanks for reading!

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