Free Apple 4K TV 32GB with 3 Months of DIRECTV Now Purchase (Possibly $48 by Stacking Deals!)

Okay… pretty cool deal to get an Apple TV 4K 32GB for a grand total of $83 (possibly even $48 and get DIRECTV Now free for 3 months!)  You can order a maximum of 2 per household, just use a different email address.  DIRECTV Now is running a promo where if you pay for 3 months of service, they will give you a free Apple TV 4K 32GB (MSRP $179). If you choose the lowest DIRECTV Now package of $35 a month, you will pay $105.

If you shop through BeFrugal, you can get $22 back for signing up for DIRECTV Now. If you don’t have a BeFrugal account, I would sign up for one first, close the window, then click the link below. If you don’t already have a BeFrugal account, I would appreciate it if you signed up with my referral link.

Start here at BeFrugal and click the Get Coupon button next to this offer: Get a 4K Apple TV (32GB) for $0. The DIRECTV Now promo is for 3 months now, not 4 months.

Then follow the directions to create a login, choose the Live a Little plan (unless you want more channels)…

Then add on premium channels (otherwise click Skip for Now)…

Then click the Add to Plan putton under the Apple TV 4K selection.

Next, enter your credit card information. I would recommend using either the Chase Ink Plus  or the Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Cards (if you have either) for 5x Chase Ultimate Reward Points. There is also a targeted Bank of America offer for $35 off your DIRECTV Now purchase, so make sure you check for that as well.

Image from Grant’s Bank of America account.

There you have it. You get the Apple TV 4K for $105 minus $22 (BeFrugal) for a total of $83, or even possibly $48 if you have the Bank of America offer.  Sadly, I did not have the Bank of America offer :(  I ended up ordering 2 for myself, and surprisingly, the DIRECTV Now service works really well on all of my devices. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and let us know if you figure out a way to get it any cheaper!

**UPDATE** (02/12/18): I placed both my orders on Friday the 9th of February, both my Apple TVs shipped on Monday the 12th of February!

HT: SlickDeals

P.S. There is also a YESNOW3 promotion for DIRECTV Now, which takes off $25 each month, but that cannot be combined with the Apple TV 4K promo.

26 thoughts on “Free Apple 4K TV 32GB with 3 Months of DIRECTV Now Purchase (Possibly $48 by Stacking Deals!)

  1. Danny

    That’s a pretty great deal.

    I’ve used Directv Now since the beginning and it’s a decent service, but with a lot of glitches. It’s improving very slowly and I recently signed up for the beta for Cloud DVR. Doesn’t work all that great so I’m not surprised it’s not rolled out widescale yet. It sort of does what it’s supposed to do, but the interface could be better.

    The apple tv app for Directv Now doesnt work as well as it should. The apple remote is so sensitive that you’ll be watching a channel and you’ll accidentally switch to the next channel just by touching the pad.

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  3. Nun

    I saw the $22 CB offer last weekend and I doubt it will work. It is tied to a different promotion that BeFrugal and TCB are offering, not the ATV one. It’s worth a shot but may not go through.

    1. The Tactical Traveler Post author

      Hi Nun,

      There is always the chance the stacking won’t work, but we won’t know for a few weeks. It’s always worth a try, like you said.

      So far, both of my purchases show verified in my BeFrugal account. Fingers crossed.

      The cost of $105 is still a great deal though, if you were looking to get an Apple TV.

      1. tinytavosa

        How long did it take for your click to show an order on BeFrugal… or like to say confirmed? I just did it about 30 minutes ago and I am new to BeFrugal (used your referral) and so not sure how long I should be waiting before thinking it didn’t track. Thanks!

          1. tinytavosa

            Still not seeing anything. I went directly through the link into DirectTV with adblocker off. It has been about 15 hours. Shall I panic? What is the course of action with non-tracking cash back. If you don’t mind sharing experience if you have any… I know it can be a hassle.

            “Order reported” now “pending cash back” areas show anything, but I do see the DirectTV click.. ugh. lol

          2. The Tactical Traveler

            It’s pretty easy. Just go to the Help section, and submit a claim.

            They will want a copy of the order confirmation. Literally just highlight the whole email, copy, and paste.

    1. The Tactical Traveler

      No contract. It is month to month. You can cancel at anytime, and the service will end at the end of the billing cycle you have already paid for.

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  7. The Tactical Traveler

    Placed my order last Friday on February 9th, received my Apple TVs yesterday on February 15th. Not to shabby!

  8. TravelingOn

    Took about 24 hours for the CB to show up in BF. Still waiting for final confirmation but it looks good in both accounts. Already received both TVs and sold one on Ebay to cover all but $7.50 of the one I’m keeping! Thanks again!

  9. tinytavosa

    Did you find the 2 per household part to be restricted by direct TV or by befrugal? I cant tell if I can use the small befrugal account for multiple $22 back. Thanks!

    1. The Tactical Traveler

      Yes, you can do 2 per household, both through Be Frugal (same account). Just use different email addresses at DirectvNow when you sign up.


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