Calling all Ann Arbor Coffee Drinkers

Calling all Ann Arbor coffee drinkers! I have a family event I’m attending in Ann Arbor and want to know where I should drink coffee while visiting. I’ve never been before! As you know, my Bean Around The World reviews sometimes become Bean Around The Corner reviews :) While Ann Arbor isn’t exactly around the corner from my hometown cafe favorite, I’m excited to explore what I figure will be a vibrant coffee scene. So please post your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you, and stay caffeinated!  And in case you missed it, check out my recent post on coffee in Lisbon.

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10 thoughts on “Calling all Ann Arbor Coffee Drinkers

  1. TravelBloggerBuzz

    Ann Arbor resident. I love coffee but not an expert…unless it is about cheap coffee with unlimited refills!

    Some ideas:
    the famous local Z brand, location is not downtown

    Some people like Mighty Good coffee. I don’t as the wifi sucks and have no clue what Extra Hot means.
    I actually like the coffee they make in the Plum Market grocery stores.
    Espresso and Sweetwaters are two famous local coffee shops.

    Try asking the Frequent Miler who lives here.
    If you have time and I am around I am in for coffee or lunch. We can talk about Grant :)

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks for the laugh, TBB. I will be at the famous Z for sure, but will likely focus on other item menus there :) I’ll look into the other four you mention. Sharing a meal or coffee and talking about Grant sounds like a plan. I’ll be in touch. Thank you!!

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks for adding to the list, Elyse. A2 has way more coffee houses then we do in SD1. I can tell I’ll have a fun weekend!

    1. Shelli Post author

      HI Mark, That’s the second vote for Espresso Bar and the RoosRoast website is hilarious. I envision being up early each day and making the coffee (g)rounds. A2 has a lot to offer!

  2. Greg the Frequent Miler

    Since everyone has their own tastes, there’s no right answer here, but the right answer is:
    1. RoosRoast for their crowd favorite Lobster Butter Love (this is my favorite, by far)
    2. Comet Coffee if you’re looking for a true European style brew

    1. Shelli Post author

      I’m looking forward to the LBL, for sure. Comet looks like a fun one too, especially around reindeer season. Thanks, Greg!

  3. Liz @ Yes/No Detroit

    Former A2 resident (UM grad, ’09) – I’m not a coffee drinker but most of my friends are :).

    Espresso Royale is pretty tasty (I like their mint hot chocolate).
    I second Sweetwaters – there are two locations downtown.

    Zingerman’s is good for EVERYTHING (stop by for a sandwich, for sure) so I have no doubt that their coffee is good too.

    According to Yelp, they also have Roasting Plant Coffee now – I’ve never been to that one but I’ve been to the Detroit one and it was a cool set-up.

    1. Shelli Post author

      Thanks Liz. I have friends that are UM grads and were going to Sweetwaters in the 90’s, so I’ll stop in there for sure. And of course Z’s too:)


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