What’s Your Funniest Travel Story? Here’s Mine!

Happy Saturday, everyone! It’s the weekend, so let’s relax and have some laughs. I was thinking about how there are certain experiences we’ve all had that no matter how many times we conjure them up in our memories, they ALWAYS make us laugh. And since we all travel a lot, I wondered if any of your “always make me laugh out loud” experiences are travel-related. I have one that’s travel-related to share with you!

A few years ago, I was staying in an Embassy Suites. I was working while I stayed there, so I preferred to have housekeeping as little as possible. After a few days, it seemed to me that my room needed to be vacuumed. I looked in the hall and didn’t see a housekeeper. I did see a vacuum, though. I thought, why bother the housekeeper when it would only take me a few minutes to vacuum. Turns out the vacuum was broken and barely worked.

This is not the vacuum I found and this is not the hotel I stayed at. Image source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g255069-d257801-i231589895-Pullman_Cairns_International-Cairns_Cairns_Region_Queensland.html

Later that night, I was visiting my niece and asked her if I could borrow her vacuum. She gave me an odd look but lent it to me anyway. Maybe she thought I wanted to vacuum my car :) I took the vacuum to my room, vacuumed, and all was well. The next day, I wanted to bring the vacuum back to my niece. When I walked down the hall towards the elevator the hall was empty. Perfect… no one could observe my odd behavior.

Sure enough, on the next floor, we stopped and a group of women got in the elevator. I tried to pretend being in an elevator in a hotel WITH a vacuum cleaner was as normal as could be. Even in my pretense, I could tell they were staring at me. Finally, one of the women broke the silence and said, “Do you always bring your own vacuum to a hotel?” We all had a good laugh, and for some reason, every single time I think of this experience, it makes me laugh.

I laugh easily and lots of things that happen when I travel make me laugh, but this is one of my favorites! How about you? Any stories like this to share so we can laugh along?

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