Bean Around the World: A Great Coffee & Bakery Combo

My favorite combo is when a great coffee space is coupled with a great bakery. Even if those two are across the street from each other. Or even next door. I discovered a great combo in Boston that I want you to know about.  The last time I was in Boston, I checked out and reviewed one-off coffee shops. On a recent trip, I decided to enjoy my tried-and-true favorite coffee chain, Peets Coffee. Peets doesn’t have a big presence in Massachusetts, but there is one in Cambridge and two in Boston proper. The Cambridge Peets is in Harvard Square. The interior has plenty of seating and I enjoy the outdoor space in the garden. Any Peets with a relaxing outdoor space scores extra points in my book.

Harvard Square Peets Coffee. Image source:

The Peets on Beacon Hill has only been there three years, but it quickly became one of my all-time favorite Peets. I went there twice, once on a weekend and once during the week, to see the vibe both on a weekend and on a weekday. I liked them both… a latte!

It occupies a corner, so there’s great natural light and plenty of seating. I particularly liked the seats by the window counter, so I could watch the world go by. The staff was good, service friendly and fast, and when my friend got hot chocolate they gave her the whipped cream canister so she could put the whipped cream on by herself. Nice touch!

Now for the combo aspect of this Peets location! Just across the street is Tatte Bakery. They currently have eight locations (this one has been there about five years) around the Boston area, with a few more opening soon. Tatte Bakery is a local favorite and you’ll know why when you step inside. They use Stumptown coffee, which if you’ve been following my coffee house reviews you’ll know I’m not a fan of. However, the homemade baked goods and food at Tatte Bakery are all wonderful. They have baked goods, salads, sandwiches and unusual breakfast items like shakshuka. There’s something for everyone. There are too many tasty treats to mention, so look at their website and drop by.

Tatte Bakery & Cafe. Image source:

This combo corner is a winner, and if I lived in Boston, I’d be there all the time. After all, I could easily walk off all those Tatte calories by walking around Beacon Hill and taking in the great historical sites!

If you have a combo corner like this you’d like to share, please comment below so we can enjoy them all.

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