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Some things we do just go hand-in-hand. Maybe you like to travel and sample different beers around the world. Maybe you travel and ride famous roller coasters or visit Disneyland around the world. For me, travelling and drinking coffee go hand-in-hand. I’m not telling you anything about me you don’t already know, given I write a series called Bean Around The World! I’m a coffee snob who never misses an opportunity to support local roasters, sample local coffee houses, and get to know local baristas and other coffee fanatics wherever I travel.  Since the high summer travel season is upon us, I wanted to bring together all the blog posts I’ve written about coffee so you’ll have easy access to use them when you’re planning a visit to these places. I’ve covered quite a bit of caffeinated ground :)

Newly added in October 2018:

When you head to Scandinavia, you’re in for a real treat. Here are my recommendations for Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Newly added in July 2018:

1. If you like a combo of great coffee and wonderful pastry, try this place in Boston.

2. Madrid is a coffee drinkers paradise. See for yourself.

In Europe, the two places I’ve written about so far both hold a special spot in my caffeinated heart. Both Lisbon and Slovenia are places I fell in love with after my first sip. When you visit these places, do not forget to enjoy the very unique coffee scenes. Read about the Lisbon coffee scene here. Slovenia’s local coffee scene required two articles!

Cokl Flat White

In South America, there are lots of reasons Buenos Aires does not disappoint, and coffee is one of them. Between coffee and the most yummy gelato, it’s hard to leave room for all the other great tastes, such as Mate and Dulce de Leche.

Flat White at Felix Felicis

In Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia has a wonderful one-off coffee culture heavily influenced by the Melbourne coffee culture. Some say Melbourne, Australia started it all, and if you’ve been to Australia, you’d likely agree.

I haven’t posted much about the coffee scene in Asia… yet. I’ve got quite a few posts in the works, but for now if you’re a fan of Vietnamese coffee, here’s what you need to know, whether you make it at home or drink it in a cafe.

Closer to home, well my home anyway, San Diego is such a popular destination that if you like coffee, you’ll want to be in the know about where to drink it. In fact, just today I took Grant to my favorite coffee spot.

Talking about favorite vacation spots, when you’re in Hawaii, I hope you’ll drag yourself away from the fun in the sun long enough to check out these coffee spots.

What would a Bean Around The World coffee series be without some thoughts on the scene in San Francisco? In fact, the city has so much going on that I needed to make it a two-parter! Here’s part one and here’s part two.

Andytown Latte

With Boston, I felt in order to really bring the best of both coffee worlds to you, I needed to explore both Boston and Cambridge. This is not only a fun part of the East Coast to visit, but a city with lots of coffee choices as well. Here’s the Boston side of the coffee scene and the Cambridge side.

Flat white at Gracenote

So there you have it. This information is what I would want if I were visiting these cities for the first time, or the hundredth time, or even if I lived there, and was looking for a great espresso beverage. Hope it’s helpful! If you’ve got ideas to add, let me know.

18 thoughts on “Best of Bean Around The World

  1. Jon W.

    Always loving these Shelli Bean around the world articles. Thanks for this great digest of where the blog has been so far :)

    Also love that you took Grant to Bird Rock, the best place to plane watch in SD!

    And finally…hopefully you have a Bean around the world in Seattle, Portland, LA, DC, and NYC soon-ish :) Also Hong Kong, where it too is very inspired by Melbourne!

  2. Shelli Post author

    Thank you, Jon W! Finally got Grant to Bird Rock :)) Portland won’t like what I have to say about their coffee scene as I’m not a Stumptown girl. Even when I see Stumptown used in Boston, for instance, I give those owners a hard time and request they use a local roaster. LA and NYC are huge but maybe I’ll break it up by area. Thanks for the reminder to get back to Hong Kong. It has been a while!

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