Marriott Rewards Travel Package Update

Marriott Rewards official launch day for combining Marriott and Starwood programs came and went, but not without controversy around its Travel Packages. At first Marriott disallowed changes to their Travel Packages and members who had Travel Packages were, to say the least, frustrated by the way Marriott had been communicating all along and especially during the launch period.

Fortunately for Marriott and its members holding Travel Packages, the main two issues have been resolved.

Here’s the update.

1. What bothered members most was the month-long blackout on both modifying and canceling old Marriott Travel Packages. Yesterday Marriott lifted the blackout and members are now able to reserve, modify, or cancel old Travel Packages.

2. Marriott is now allowing members to downgrade category levels on any old or new Travel Packages. Marriott is providing a one-time exception for members who booked old Category 6, Category 8, and Tier 1-3 that will enable them to downgrade one level and receive a 30,000 point refund. Requests will not be handled automatically. Use the “Marriott Contact Us” page, dropdown option “packages – deals” in order to submit your request.

Combine Your Accounts

If you wondered when you’d be allowed to combine your Marriott Rewards, SPG, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards accounts the answer is…….as soon as today or tomorrow. When you login to your account you’ll see an invitation to combine accounts and do this manually.

I know a lot of people bought the Travel Packages on spec hoping for the best when the official merger was complete. For those who do have Marriott Travel Packages, these answers from Marriott help you decide how to proceed.

14 thoughts on “Marriott Rewards Travel Package Update

  1. Hoang

    Hi Shelli,

    Thanks. Does Marriott have the update hotel category yet? The one time modification has time limit?

    1. Shelli Post author

      Good questions. I haven’t seen anything published about a time limit on the modification. Did you check Marriott’s website for the update hotel categories? That would be the official source. Thanks for reading Hoang.

  2. Fred

    Regarding the first sentence of paragraph 2: Where is this supposed right to upgrade? To my knowledge, you are the only one saying that. Up to now, I’ve only seen the right to downgrade.

  3. ken


    “Marriott is now allowing members to upgrade, or downgrade, category levels on any old or new Travel Packages.”

  4. Chris

    Doesn’t look like it’s possible to downgrade right now either. Everyone I know of who has tried has been told this is not possible right now. Hoping those 30,000 refunds will eventually be available, but as of now, nope.

  5. Chris

    Doesn’t look like it’s possible to downgrade right now either. Everyone I know of who has tried has been told this is not possible right now. Hoping that means they actually will be available eventually, but as of now, nope.

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  7. Larry

    I purchased a Marriott Travel Package after I moved my SPG points to Marriott Rewards. I have tried to make a reservation at a Sheraton Hotel and have been told Sheraton is not accepting the Travel Package. Any suggestions?


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