Visit San Francisco’s Newest Attraction: Salesforce Park

Good morning everyone.  On Monday, I finally got to experience the brand new Salesforce Park, the newest attraction in San Francisco.  The bottom levels are the new Salesforce Transit Center and the top level is the new Salesforce Park.  The park is surrounded by Salesforce buildings and is a short walk from Embarcadero Bart, Montgomery Bart, and the SF Ferry Building.  If you are planning to visit San Francisco, I highly recommend visiting the new Salesforce Park.  It is free to visit and is open everyday from 6am to 9pm.  I walked the entire park path in 13 minutes and that included taking in the sights and taking a few photos.  There are lots of tables, chairs, green spaces, and activities throughout the day.

There are a few large Salesforce Park rocks scattered around the Salesforce Park.

Here are some photos of the trail that meanders around Salesforce Park.

There is a dedicated bus bridge that crossed over several busy streets and allows the buses to get on and off the Bay Bridge very quickly.  This is great feature during busy rush hour traffic.

There are 2 skylights on Salesforce Park that let in light to the bottom levels of the Salesforce Transit Center.

As the name would imply, you can walk from one Salesforce building to another Salesforce building, through Salesforce Park.  During a nice San Francisco day, you can see all the beautiful buildings around Salesforce Park.

There is even going to be an aerial tram from the ground level to the Salesforce Park.  As of August 19, the aerial tram was not running yet, but should be running in the next few weeks/months.

Oh ya, the Salesforce Transit Center has a beautiful lobby and a huge digital schedule, showing all bus routes to/from the Salesforce Transit Center.  I have yet to take a bus ride to/from the new Salesforce Transit Center, but I’ve heard many good things.

If you have any questions about Salesforce Park or the Salesforce Transit Center, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

4 thoughts on “Visit San Francisco’s Newest Attraction: Salesforce Park

  1. Sara J

    Warning for your readers: driving and parking in this part of town is worse than ever. I saw the rock and transit signage last Saturday. There are streets where drivers cannot turn left or right, one way streets, no driving on the right lane unless turning, parking meters painted yellow that accept coins and credit cards yet say “tow away.” Driving in San Francisco is not for those in a hurry or without cash or credit cards readily available. A roll of quarters is not enough.


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