Sinemia Summer Sale: $9.99 for 3 Movies / Month with No MoviePass BS or Blackouts

Good afternoon everyone.  Before you head out on your Labor Day Weekend adventure, let me tell you about Sinemia.  Sinemia (I’m not sure how to pronounce the service, but I call it “cinna-mia”) is a MoviePass competitor with several different plans and pricing tiers.  I’ve been a MoviePass customer since last November and I have seen the service get worse and worse every month.  I’ve just about had it with MoviePass’s BS and their movie blackouts.  Luckily, Sinemia is running a Summer Sale (my referral link) where you can get 3 movies per month for $9.99.  You can go to any theater, see any 2D movie, and even purchase tickets online or in advance, with no blackouts!

If you are a less frequent moviegoer, you can get a 1 or 2 movies per month plan, or if you are a fan of 3D and IMAX movies, you can get one of their Elite plans.  If you purchase a monthly plan (which is what I did), there is a 1 time fee of $19.99 for the Club Member Initiation to join Sinemia.  If you purchase a yearly plan, you do not pay the $19.99 fee.  Since I saw how fast and far MoviePass fell from grace, I decided to play it conservatively and go for the monthly pass (and pay the $19.99 fee).  If Sinemia works out well, I won’t mind paying the $19.99 fee.

As if there were not enough plans and pricing tiers available, Sinemia also offers family plans.  The prices for 2 people is the same or higher compared to having 2 individual accounts, so I would just get 2 individual accounts.  Maybe if the prices were the same or lower compared to individual accounts, it would be a better deal.

Here are the features of Sinemia.  Only the Elite Plans come with 3D, IMAX, 4DX, DBOX, or ScreenX (I’m not sure what those last 3 movie formats are, but they sound fancy).  The best thing, in my opinion, is the ability to see any 3 movies at any theater at any time with no blackouts!  I’m also curious what “Joyful Surprises” will come my way.

I decided to sign up for the 3 movies per month Classic Plan for $9.99 + $19.99 Club Member Initiation fee.  If you really want to start using your plan right away, you can pay an extra $9.99 for Accelerate Cardless Activation.  Since I still have 1 more movie on my current MoviePass monthly subscription, I don’t mind waiting 1-2 weeks for my new Sinemia card to arrive in the mail.  When you sign into your Sinemia account, you can view / edit / update your account and membership.  I will show you each section in my Sinemia account.

When your Sinemia card arrives, click the Card Activation link add it to your Sinemia account.

The Account Info link lets you change the personal information you have on file.

The Change Password link let’s you change your Sinemia password.

The Notification Settings link lets you configure your email, text, and app push notifications.

The Membership link tells you how many movies you have left in your monthly plan, allows you to change your plan, change your payment method, and cancel your plan.

The Gift link will take you to the Summer Sale page where you can buy a plan for a friend or family member.

The Invite a Friend link let’s you refer your friends to Sinemia.  You earn a $10 Sinemia Credit for every friend who signs up for Sinemia using your referral link.  If you want to sign up for Sinemia with my link, I would really appreciate your support (and so does my movie addiction).

Lastly, the Sinemia Wallet link shows you how many Sinemia Credits you have earned from referrals.  You can use your Sinemia credits to pay for your monthly Sinemia plan.  If you like Sinemia, you should refer your friends and family members so they can join you at the movies.  Movies are better with friends and family members :)

Even though I haven’t received my Sinemia card yet, I am very impressed with their website and look forward to getting my new Sinemia card and cancelling my old MoviePass card.  If you have any questions about Sinemia, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone!

9 thoughts on “Sinemia Summer Sale: $9.99 for 3 Movies / Month with No MoviePass BS or Blackouts

  1. Danny

    All these fees remind me of those old bank commercials. It won’t be long before it’s movie transaction fee plus user fee plus access fee plus plus ticket fee.

  2. Kalboz

    No BS with MoviePass just snap a photo using your device as prompted by their App and send to them as easy as 1 2 3. Bought the annual MoviePass for $99 when it was on special. Double up with Regal Cinema loyalty membership and you will get lots of free stuff, like popcorn, drinks, and movie candies. Works fine for me, it’s just there isn’t that many good movies out there.

    1. Grant Post author

      I think the unlimited $99 MoviePass plan has less BS than the $9.95 monthly MoviePass plan. I just wish MoviePass wouldn’t blackout certain movies and make all movies available.

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