Roy’s is Offering a Classic Deal Any Night of the Week

One restaurant for me that always gets it right is Roy’s. I’ve been a fan of Roy’s for many years now. No matter which Roy’s I go to, it’s always a wonderful experience. I’ve even hosted big birthday celebrations at Roy’s and if I do say so myself, they’ve become events that are talked about for years.

Last time Roy’s had their classic special offer I took advantage of it. A few things surprised me. I went on a Sunday night and the place was packed. In talking with the staff it seems that these offers are bringing in customers who have never been to Roy’s before. I’d think that’s the purpose of promotions such as these. I’ve been a long-time Roy’s fan and can’t even recall my first time. For sure though, this time I’m making a reservation!

Something else that surprised me was that I was expecting appetizer sized portions of these three courses, and I was wrong. The butterfish came as a full dinner with rice and vegetables. The Korean ribs appetizer was the size of the usual appetizer. I’m glad they didn’t skimp on the chocolate fondant dessert, though! Truly, it really was a full meal and a great value. Dare I do it again this month??

2 thoughts on “Roy’s is Offering a Classic Deal Any Night of the Week

  1. James H

    Just wondering why, if you think this is interesting enough to your readers, you don’t include a link? As I recall, not all Roys are participating.


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