Southwest Expands to Hawaii: Latest News

Come on, Southwest, get us to Hawaii already! October came and went and still no word from Southwest Airlines on its expansion to Hawaii. Disappointing, to say the least.

Friends in Hawaii report that they hear what’s blocking the start date are issues with the inter-island flights once SWA gets to Hawaii. None of my friends work for SWA so this is just what they hear and nothing official. But last time I wrote about Southwest’s expansion to Hawaii it addressed just this topic of inter-island flights.

Many of us have companion passes on Southwest and would love the opportunity to use them for a flight to Hawaii before the passes expire. I also know many people who have hotels already booked and are now trying to decide on whether to wait for SWA to announce flights and prices, or book flights on other airlines. It’s tricky.

I took a look at what Beat of Hawaii had to say and if they had any updates, as they seem to be a great source of information.

Here’s the latest: Flight sales and commencement. Southwest Hawaii flights goal was updated with ticket sales anticipated to begin by December 2018. Flights are to start in early 2019. This of course is dependent on government/ETOPS approval. If you want to know more, check here.

Are you bummed on the start date because you had plans for SWA to Hawaii in 2018?

2 thoughts on “Southwest Expands to Hawaii: Latest News

  1. YoLaViajera

    I don’t have a SW Companion Pass, so no expiration dates to be concerned about, but totally get people’s anxiety if they do have a soon-to-be expiring pass. Either way, I get a feeling they will have a sale to get the word out, so I’m waiting to see if there’s a sale in December…

  2. Shelli Post author

    Good point, a sale is likely. I do have an expiring pass. Even though I won’t be able to use if for Hawaii, I did get good value from it, YLV.


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