Sinemia Now Offering Weekday Only Plans that are 20% Cheaper

Good afternoon everyone.  I just read about this change on Business Insider and had to check it out myself.  Sinemia is now offering Weekday Only plans that are ~20% cheaper than their Any Day plans.  With Weekday Only plans, you can see movies Monday through Thursday; and with Any Day plans, you can see movies any day of the week.  You can check out the plans here.  If you are new to Sinemia, please read this post about recent changes to their service.

Sinemia also offers family plans that have the option of choosing Weekday Only or Any Day plans.

Most people think that major movies premier on Friday, but in fact, some movies premier Thursday evening (usually around the 5pm or 7pm time slot).  I prefer going to the movies during the week since they tend to be much less crowded.  If you have any questions about Sinemia, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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