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Unboxing my CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Welcome Letter & Brochure

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Good morning everyone.  2 weeks ago, I visited my local City National Bank (CNB) branch and applied for the City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card.  The credit card currently offers 75,000 City National Rewards Points after spending $5,000 in 3 months, plus $250 airline credit per cardmember, unlimited Priority Pass access, the Visa Infinite $100 companion travel discount, and much more.  Please check out Frequent Miler’s post and Doctor of Credit’s post to learn more about this credit card.

After waiting more than a week without hearing if I was approved or denied, I called CNB to check the status of my application.  I was told that I was approved for the credit card on November 2 and the credit card would arrive soon.  2 days later, I received the credit card via FedEx on November 6.  In this post, I will go through the unboxing process, show you my welcome letter, show you the brochure, and where to sign up for online access and to start earning City Nation Rewards Points.  But first, here is the card art from the front and back of the City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card.  The credit card information is on the back, but when I blacked it out, you cannot see where it used to be.

Let’s back up a few days to when I got this FedEx email.  I had no idea who Mike Davis was, what TSYS Card Productions was, or why they were sending me something.

a screenshot of a delivery login

The next day, I received a small white box from FedEx with my new City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card securely packaged inside.

The packaging is very nice, but I was confused for a moment why the new credit card had a RBC logo.

Behind the credit card slot, there was a thick packet of terms and conditions.  I didn’t scan any of the terms and conditions paperwork, since that is usually available online from the bank.

There was also a long welcome letter with details of my new credit card.  At the bottom of the letter, there were 2 websites listed.  I will go into more detail about each website later on in this post.

On the back of the welcome letter, there was information regarding the annual fee and, interest rates, and penalties.

To view your recent activity, pay bills, set up alerts, and more, you need to set up your CNB Online Access.  First time visitors will need to enter their credit card number to create an account.

a screenshot of a computer

After you set up your CNB Online Access, you need to register for City National Rewards.  To get started, click the Create Account button.  This is where you can see your earning activity and redeem your points.  Creating accounts at both websites took 2-3 minutes each and was very straightforward.

a screenshot of a login page

Lastly, here is the 6 page brochure that came with the credit card.

I plan on paying for some auto mechanic work on my car and paying property taxes via Plastiq, so that should get me pretty close to the $5,000 minimum spend requirement.  I also plan on adding 3 other authorized users to take advantage of the $250 airline credit available per cardmember, per calendar year.  I don’t have any plans in mind for the 75,000 City National Rewards Points, but I will probably redeem the points for $750 in travel.  If you have any questions about the CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

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20 thoughts on “Unboxing my CNB City National Crystal Visa Infinite Credit Card: Card Art, Welcome Letter & Brochure

    1. Grant Post author

      I believe so, as long as you apply in branch, I don’t think you have to live in a state that has a CNB branch.

      I brought a recent pay stub, drivers license, recent bank statement, recent retirement (401k) statement, and a letter from my company stating my salary and title. I only think they needed my drivers license, pay stub, and bank statement.

  1. choi lu

    you should write up the detail and process of applying as it is more important to most churners. also, the 250 travel credit, is it per calendar year or membership year?

    1. Grant Post author

      According to DOC, the $250 travel Credit is per card member and per calendar year.

      See my response to Sam regarding the required documents.

  2. Charlie

    Your box came from TSYS? Does that mean that this credit card is operated by TSYS on behalf of City National Bank? I’m not a big fan of how TSYS operates the rewards programs on Navy Federal Credit Union’s credit cards. I’m particularly concerned about the redemptions for airfare. Is that done exclusively through the TSYS website?

    1. Grant Post author

      I don’t know the exact relationship between TSYS and CNB, but I think CNB has TSYS prepare and send new CNB CCs to cardholders. I do not believe the CNB rewards program is run by TSYS.

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  6. Sam

    About how much personal income are they looking for? About how much checking or savings balances they look for? Thanks!


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