Ebates is Becoming Rakuten & Super Bowl Ad (How to Pronounce Rakuten)

Good afternoon everyone.  Hot off the presses, I just got this email from Ebates.  Ebates is becoming Rakuten (pronounced rack-uh-ten) and they are moving members from Ebates over to Rakuten.  I clicked on the email to see more information.

The landing page looks very similar to Ebates with the Rakuten logo in the upper left corner.  All the cash back in my account transferred over.  The service works the same and the customer service team is the same too.

Here are the Ebates and Rakuten homepages, side by side.  As you can tell, the only real change is the logo on the homepage.

Also, if you watched yesterday’s Super Bowl pregame show, you should have seen this Rakuten commercial, which rewards people who can properly pronounce Rakuten (rack-uh-ten).  The ad is pretty cool.

If you are an Ebates member, your account should be converted to Rakuten soon.  If you are not an Ebates or Rakuten member, create a free Rakuten account here.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

7 thoughts on “Ebates is Becoming Rakuten & Super Bowl Ad (How to Pronounce Rakuten)

  1. Jay

    Silly. Why make it harder for people to remember your name? Not to mention that ebates is easy to understand. Rakuten, not so much.

    1. Grant Post author

      Rakuten will become a household name, just give it time. Rakuten sponsors the Golden State Warriors, FC Barcelona, Shakira, Spartan Races and Rakuten Eagles baseball team in Japan.


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