American Express Credit Card APR Based on Experian FICO Score (Effective July 3, 2019)

Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are having a great Cinco de Mayo weekend.  I was reviewing my American Express statements and spotted this upcoming change on my American Express Blue Business Plus Credit Card.  I didn’t see the same message on my personal credit cards.  According to the statement, American Express is making changes to the way your APR (annual percentage rate) is calculated.  Effective July 3, 2019, American Express is going to base your APR on your Experian FICO score (aka credit score).  This personally doesn’t affect me since I always pay off my credit cards in full every month, but this change may affect some readers that carry a balance.

Here are more details about the upcoming change.  I am assuming that if my Experian FICO score decreased, my APR on my American Express credit cards would increase.  The notice doesn’t say how much of an increase in your APR is based on a decrease of your Experian FICO score.

Lastly, here is some information about Experian and ways to contact them for assistance.

If you have any questions about this change, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “American Express Credit Card APR Based on Experian FICO Score (Effective July 3, 2019)

  1. Christian

    How’s your credit? They say that your APR is lower than what other people with similar FICO scores have. I haven’t gotten a similar letter (yet), so I’m not sure whether to expect one. My score is in the very high 700’s.


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