8 thoughts on “Get Replacement Account Number if Chase Checking Account Compromised, Debit Card Still Works (Effective November 19)

  1. Lindy

    My chase checking account was hacked november 2017, right after my home had been damaged by Hurricane Irma. $8000 was removed in 2 electronic withdrawals to Chinese names. I discovered it 2 days later. Chase restored the stolen money in a few days. I immediately closed my checking account permanently and reported it to police. It appeared to be an inside job, based on prior tiny “test” withdrawals several days in advance.

    Sounds like they still aren’t able to keep people’s money safe. I’m stunned to hear that Chase is still getting hacked.

      1. Sung hyun

        I mean I don’t know why chase send me a this message on my statement.

        Good news! We’re making it easier to get a replacement account number if your account is compromised.
        Starting November 17, 2019, if your account is compromised, we can simply issue you a replacement account number without the hassle of closing your existing account and opening a new one. This will allow you to continue using your existing debit card.
        We’ve updated our Deposit Account Agreement to explain this change:
        We can assign and transfer your account information and documentation to a replacement account number at our discretion. We may make this assignment when your account is reported compromised by you or any signer. If we issue you a replacement account number, this Deposit Account Agreement governing you and your account will continue to apply, without interruption, as if you retained the discontinued account number.
        Please call us at the number at the top of this statement if you have any questions.
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