EverlyWell: At Home Blood Tests & Why I Love Their Food Sensitivity Test for Travel

You may have been putting off getting common blood work done, or maybe you just can’t prioritize a trip to the lab when you’re experiencing a lapse in insurance. Or, it could be that you haven’t had time to consider your own health over your busy agenda. Whatever the reason, EverlyWell can help get you back on track to prioritizing your health and wellness and even give you some extra information that will come in handy when you’re traveling.

Based in Austin, TX, EverlyWell is a health and wellness company that aims to provide a variety of accessible at-home health tests. Whether you are curious about your food sensitivity or you want to check your vitamin levels, EverlyWell is an inexpensive and verified alternative to expensive lab tests. EverlyWell provides over 30 at-home tests to help you monitor your own wellbeing, on your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

With EverlyWell, you can purchase tests for a simple, one-time payment. There’s no subscription, no periodic fee, and no extraneous commitment. A few examples include a Food Sensitivity test for $159, Lyme Disease test for $109, comprehensive STD tests for $199, individual STD tests from $39, Women’s Fertility Test for $159, Vitamin D test for $179, and more. Browse the full catalogue of tests to see if any of them pique your interest. Most HSA/FSA accounts can be used to pay for the tests, and some insurance plans may cover the cost of the tests as well. Otherwise, you may pay an easy, one-time out-of-pocket fee.

So, what exactly does EverlyWell provide? Each at-home test kit contains sterilized collection materials, detailed collection instructions, detailed submission instructions, pre-paid return shipping, and a detailed analysis after your sample is tested. Your sample is analyzed by a CLIA-certified lab and results are sent back to you. One of the cool things about EverlyWell is that your results are given in a manner that is simplified but undiluted; you’ll be able to find out what exactly your results mean, why you achieved your particular results, and what you might be able to do about it.

I’ve been curious about my food sensitivity for a while especially because I often change my diet when I travel to adapt to local foods, so I decided to give EverlyWell a try. I ordered the Food Sensitivity test, provided a finger prick sample, and sent it off to the lab. This particular test measures my IgG reactivity to 96 different foods. When my results came back, I learned that I was moderately sensitive to cow’s milk and yogurt, and mildly sensitive to 25 other foods including carrot, broccoli, cheese, and peach.

Interested in my initial results, I went ahead and ordered a food sensitivity expansion test. This test measured my IgG reactivity to 88 additional foods, and I found that I am highly sensitive to seven of them including cherry, whey, and vanilla bean. I also found that I was moderately or mildly sensitive to 16 others, including cilantro, cloves, raspberry, and green tea. This has helped me become conscious and intentional about my eating, keeping my informed wellness in mind.

You may be interested in learning about your food sensitivity for an affordable cost, or you may want to check out one of the other home wellness tests on EverlyWell. Either way, make sure to use my referral code to get a 20% discount on your first purchase.

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