Stay at this Cool College-Themed Hilton Hotel in San Luis Obispo

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a great Easter and Passover.  A few days ago, Laura and I did a roadtrip around California and stayed at The Kinney San Luis Obispo, Tapestry Collection by Hilton.  The Kinney is a few blocks from downtown San Luis Obispo (SLO) and a short drive / bike ride to the campus of Cal Poly SLO.  Since the hotel is close to the university, the hotel has a college theme.  Basic rooms are called Campus Rooms and the suites are called Grad Suite, Dean Suite, and Professor Suite (see all pics and room descriptions here).  I used points to book a Campus Room and was upgraded (thanks to my Hilton Diamond Elite Status) to a Grad Suite.  I enjoyed staying at this hotel and the location was great for exploring downtown SLO and the surrounding area.  I would definitely stay here again the next time I visit SLO.  Here are some pics of my room and of the hotel.

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The room is decorated with lifestyle photos around the bed and on the ceiling.  It definitely has a California surfer vibe.

The furniture in the room gave the room a grad student type feel (not a messy freshman college door type feel).

Here is the couch and desk we didn’t use during our stay.

On the desk, there is a trophy with various paper awards.  I selected the “Undisputed Champion of Everything” since it suited me well.  The room keys have an interesting design and we were given 2 breakfast vouchers.  During the Coronavirus Pandemic, breakfast is grab and go, but you can pick from a few different breakfast items and beverages at the attached restaurant.

The shower was nice, but the bathroom seemed a bit small considering the size of the room.

The bathroom counter was clean and stocked with toiletries.  Outside the bathroom, there is a small sink and minibar (looks like an old college dorm set up).

Our view from the room was peaceful… but if you were facing a different side, there may be a military tank pointing at your room from the Central Coast Veterans Memorial Museum.

Next to the lobby, there is a cool place to hang out with interesting artwork on the walls.

The next time you are visiting SLO, I recommending stay at The Kinney San Luis Obispo, Tapestry Collection by Hilton.  If you have any questions about the hotel, please leave a comment below.  Have a great day everyone!

6 thoughts on “Stay at this Cool College-Themed Hilton Hotel in San Luis Obispo

  1. Brant

    Great review Grant! You’re a younger guy, just a few years forward of your graduation. I imagine this kind of place appeals to a certain demographic. I think I’m just a little too old for the “Dorm Room” experience. LOL!

  2. TGH

    Is there anything worth doing in SLO? The only things I’m aware of is Cal Poly SLO and leaving your mark in Bubblegum Alley.


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