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Viator Launches Viator Rewards; Earn 10% Rebate on Activities & Redeem Rewards for Future Activities within 6 Months

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Good morning everyone.  During my recent trip to Prague, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam, I booked a few activities on Viator to trigger a few Citi Merchant Offers.  At the time, a few online shopping portal were offering 10%-15% cash back on Viator, so the timing worked out well.  A few days after getting home from the trip, I realized that I earned Viator Rewards.  I am not sure when Viator Rewards was launched or if it is available to everyone, but I thought I would share some info about how it works.  First, sign into your Viator account and click on Viator Rewards (landing page).  Here, you will see all your recently completed Viator activities, when they expire, and how much rewards you have available.

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I clicked the (?) icon and learned that Viator Rewards appear 24 hours after completing a Viator activity and can be used to purchase future Viator activities.

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The top line of my Viator Rewards (most recent activity), says I have $8.57 in rewards that expire on January 12, 2024 and are valid from July 16, 2023.  What does that mean?

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My most recent Viator activity was on July 15 in the amount of $85.74.  24 hours after that was July 16, so that is where the “Valid From” date comes from.  $8.57 / $85.74 = 10%, so this activity earned me a 10% rebate.  Lastly, January 12 is roughly 6 months after July 15, so that is where the expiration date comes from.  Based on that info, as long as you redeem your Viator Rewards before January 12, 2024, you should be fine, even if the activity is booked for a date after January 12, 2024.  But, keep in mind, that each Viator Rewards activity has their own 6 month expiration date.
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Here is the price of an activity before using Viator Rewards and here is the price after using my $85.42 Viator Rewards.  I am not sure if you will earn Viator Rewards for this activity or what the dollar amount will be based on, but if you have any data points about earning rewards on a activity that you redeemed rewards for, please let me know.

If you have any questions about earning or redeeming Viator Rewards, please leave a comment below.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Viator Launches Viator Rewards; Earn 10% Rebate on Activities & Redeem Rewards for Future Activities within 6 Months

  1. nickatfm

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing. I don’t see this in my Viator account — I clicked on your link for the landing page, which appears to be your account profile page. There is something about rewards anywhere on that page for me. Guess you’re on the leading edge!

    1. Grant Post author

      Hey Nick, can you do a dummy booking to see if it mentions Viator Rewards anywhere before or after you checkout? You can do the book now, pay later option to check, then cancel the booking.

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