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AutoSlash Saved Me $1300+ on 2 Hawaii Car Rentals (Final Results)

Good afternoon everyone.  On May 27, I wrote PSA: Rental Car Rates are Sky High, Book ASAP.  In that post, I shared my bewilderment at the sky high rental car rates, especially in Hawaii.  I needed 2 small / economy rental cars for Lihue and Kona for a 9 day trip and the cheapest prices available were $1,967.98 total for both rentals.  At that time, I had about 2 months before my Hawaii trip, so I put all my trust and faith in AutoSlash to find me cheaper rental cars.  Less than 2 weeks later (June 9), I wrote AutoSlash Already Saved Me $400 on 2 Rental Car Reservations.  Saving $400 in less than 2 weeks was a great start, but I hoped AutoSlash could continue to find me cheaper rental cars.  2 weeks after that (June 21), I wrote AutoSlash Saved Me Another $500 on 2 Rental Car Reservations.  I had already saved $900 on my 2 rental cars in less than a month and almost cut the cost of the rental cars in half.  Luckily, AutoSlash was not done working their magic.  In this post, I will share my final results and show you how AutoSlash saved me more than $1,300 on my 2 rental cars.

The last and best AutoSlash deal for Lihue came on June 20 from Hertz for $397.87.

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