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Trim Launches Debt Payoff Service (Negotiates Lower Credit Card APRs, Creates Payoff Plan & Provides Personal Coaching)

Good morning everyone.  A few weeks ago, I wrote Trim Saves Money on Monthly Cable / Phone / TV / Internet Bills (Negotiates Discounts on your Behalf).  In that post, I showed how Trim negotiates down your cable / phone / TV / Internet bill and charges you a percentage of the yearly savings.  Trim has just launched a new feature called Debt Payoff.  With Debt Payoff, Trim will negotiate down your APR (interest rate only, not principle balance), create a customized payoff plan (where you pay off your highest APR credit card first) and provide expert advice along the way.  According to Trim: “Trim is able to save the average user more than $250 per year by aggressively attacking their debt.”  To learn more about Debt Payoff, create a Trim account here.

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