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Global Entry Adds Enrollment on Arrival at IAH, HOU, AUS, SFO & YVR

Good afternoon everyone, happy Sunday.  I recently signed my girlfriend up for Global Entry and she was conditionally approved shortly after that.  Unfortunately, the soonest Global Entry interview time she can get for SFO is early December.  This morning, she received an email from Global Entry (donotreply@cbp.dhs.gov) with the subject line: “Why Wait? Interview for Global Entry When You Arrive.”  She sent the email to me, and since I had never heard of enrollment on arrival, I thought it might be useful for others who are considering applying for Global Entry soon or are waiting for their Global Entry interview.

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Here is the entire email:

Dear Global Entry Applicant,

Starting today, you have the unique opportunity to interview for Global Entry when you return from your next international trip at Houston, Hobby, Austin, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

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PSA: Renew your TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI Membership Early

Quick question, do you know when your Global Entry card expires?  A few months ago, I realized I hadn’t checked to see when mine expired. I’ve had it for years and yet couldn’t actually say for sure. So I took a look. Yikes, it expires in 2017! And as the idea of Global Entry has caught on, the numbers of people applying to the program has ballooned, and the turnaround time in getting both the new and renewed cards was SLOW! So I got on the ball and started the renewal process for my Global Entry card. You can renew your current card up to 1 year in advance, so it is best not to wait too long.

Luckily, the Global Entry program has a helpful step-by-step guide for renewing your membership:

  • Log onto GOES (click here).
  • Select Manage membership – the Trusted Traveler Program Enrollment page will display.
  • Select the blue Renew Application button – the Personal Information page will display.
  • Use the Application Wizard to change your personal information by selecting the specific category(ies) hyperlinks.
  • When complete, select U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Trusted Traveler Program List on the Application Wizard – the Trusted Traveler Program List will display.
  • Click the box next to each program that you wish to renew.
  • Select the enrollment center hyperlink to see a list of available enrollment centers.
  • Select Next – the Trusted Traveler Program Application page will display.
  • If a FIX Errors hyperlink displays, you must provide the information requested to proceed.
  • To continue, select Update to go to the Program Application page.
  • On the Program Application page, select Certify at the bottom of the page – the Certification page will display.
  • Answer Yes or No to “Do you certify?”
  • Select Next. The Final Review: Application Shopping Cart will display.
  • Select the box next to Fees. Fees are for application processing and are non-refundable. To agree and proceed, click here. The Home button changes to a Make Payment button.
  • Select Make Payment. The online payment page displays.

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New or Renewed US Passport? Remember to Update your Global Entry Online Account

Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday!  I just received my renewed passport (with extra pages and passport card) yesterday and wanted to share a quick tip with you.  Since Global Entry is tied to your fingerprints and your passport, you will need to update your Global Entry online account when you get a new or renewed passport, since the passport number and dates will change.  All you need to do is log into your Global Entry account online (https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov/main/goes).  I will give you a few minutes to remember your username and reset your password (that happened to me too).  If you have Sentri, NEXUS, or FAST, the process should be verify similar.

Big Hat Tip to my friends @TheFlightDeal on Twitter for the help.  I am also contractually obligated to give a second hat tip to my overlord @dvlsadvcate (Julian – The Devil’s Advocate).

Global Entry Home Page

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