Missing Out on Targeted Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers? Make Sure to Opt-In!

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(Hat Tip to Donnie)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Sunday.  I hope you are enjoying your long Fourth of July weekend, wherever you may be.  I wanted to give a quick thank you to the readers who attended my OC travel hackers meetup yesterday afternoon – it was great talking to you all and I look forward to organizing another OC meetup in mid September.

For most people, pre-approved credit card offers are useless junk mail that fills up their mailbox.  But to travel hackers like myself, I love getting pre-approved credit card offers.  Usually, those offers are much better than the publicly available credit card offers.  If you want to ensure you are receiving your fair share of pre-approved credit card offers, make sure you opt-in on OptOutPrescreen.com, which is the only internet website authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion for consumers to opt-out or opt-in to receiving pre-approved credit card offers. To get started, click on the above link and click the button on the bottom of the page.

Select the Opt-In option and click the Submit button.

Then enter your personal information and click the Confirm button.

I didn’t receive a confirmation email, but I assume the form was submitted successfully.  There is really no way to know if opting in will increase the number of pre-approved credit card offers you will receive, but it can’t hurt to opt-in just in case.  If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.  Have a great Fourth of July weekend everyone!

P.S. There is also a new AMEX Offer for Chuck E Cheese’s where you can get a $5 statement credit for spending $25 or more.  Is there any way to take advantage of this offer without spending money on food and games?

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