Load PayPal My Cash Cards to your PayPal Account

These cards can be found at CVS, grocery stores, gas stations, and other stores.  They have a similar look and feel to the Vanilla Reload Cards, but these can only be loaded to your PayPal account.  They do have the same $3.95 activation fee per card.  Here is the front and back of the PayPal My Cash Card:

PayPal Cash Card Front

PayPal Cash Card Back

Here is a copy of my receipt showing the $3.95 fee.  I was able to use my credit card to pay for the purchase.

HH Cert005

You will need to go to https://www.paypal-cash.com/ and click the yellow PayPal Access button to get started.

PayPal Cash Home

Enter your PayPal account login information.

PayPal Cash Log In Continue PayPal Login

The PayPal My Cash Card has a $500 daily reload limit and a $4,000 calendar month reload limit.  Scratch off the back of the PayPal My Cash Card to reveal the 10 digit PIN and enter that into the text box.

Load Funds to PayPal Cash2

Double check that the amount is correct and click the Yes, Load It Up button (such enthusiasm from PayPal).

Load Funds to PayPal Cash3

Here is the confirmation screen showing the details of your recent reload.  It will also show you how much more you can load that day ($0 for me) and how much more you can load that month ($3,500 for me).  If you have another PayPal My Cash Card, you can load it to a different PayPal account or try again the following day.

PayPal Cash Load Complete

Before loading the PayPal My Cash Card into my PayPal account, I had a current balance of $372.50.

Current PayPal Balance

After loading my PayPal My Cash Card, my PayPal balance went up $500 to $872.50.

New PayPal Account Balance

Here is the reload details, it even knows that you bought the PayPal My Cash Card at CVS.

PayPal Cash Load Transaction Details

You will also receive a confirmation email of your recent PayPal My Cash Card reload.

PayPal Cash Reload Email

That’s it.  If you have a PayPal Business Debit Card, you can use that card to reload your Bluebird Card ($400 daily debit transaction maximum) or you can earn cash back by loading your Bluebird Card online (link).

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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330 thoughts on “Load PayPal My Cash Cards to your PayPal Account

  1. Zimm

    Hello Grant,

    I am on a 6-month contract, nowhere near any of my bank’s branches (1000miles+). I often take cash advances, I would like to deposit them to my bank account; I’d like to use a PPMCC to do this; it would be under $4K a month. If I do this one/twice a month, will my account be flagged/frozen?



    1. Grant

      Hi Zimm, that is pretty risky if you do not use use any of the POMCC funds to spend on eBay or PayPal.

      Do you take cash advances from your credit card or use your debit card to get cash out of an ATM?

      1. Jin

        So I can loan my paypal account with these load money cards and, after it’s been loaded into my paypal account, transfer it to my bank account?

  2. Maya SANKOH

    After I log in it askes me for a phone number but it only acceptes one that is registered in my name but I don’t have one in my name? Im guessing I am going to have to call the number on the back

  3. Peter

    Grant, have you purchased any reloads of the paypal my cash card at Rite Aid since the stores hard coded these types of card only with cash?

  4. mike@igobyplane

    since this is a newer article i wanted to point out on it as well that these cards have a fatal security flaw, and if you are the victim of it, the company will not give you any money and will victim blame you. among other things i show you me telling you what a PIN# will be then scratching it off in the video to reveal it. these cards are not presently safe.


  5. Ramone Childs

    What if I keep getting error messages when I try to load to my account and when I call PayPal they say they need a copy of the recipe but I don’t have any more what do I do

  6. Ashley

    Hello i want to add cash on my paypal account but the site keeps kicking me off! It says it is blocked, a family member bough me a card from walmart but i live overseas in europe, don’t know if that has something to do with it?

      1. Frank

        Actually is no’t possible, I just tried and it they are only for US accounts, also it did ask me for a SSN.

  7. Monique

    I just visited a CVS in Howard Beach, NY which is the only CVS i found that sold the PPMCC. They only allowed me a max of 75$ each to 2 of cards. At first she told me that it couldn’t be done then went on to further explain the max for a credit card is 75$. I asked a few other questions about the daily max of CVS, and she said that there was a max but she was doing me a favor by allowing me to get 2 cards. I found this article very useful, and I know you haven’t purchased one yourself in a while so I wanted to share my experience.



  9. Julue

    I bought a $20 card yesterday at CVS and now I get an error code of 4003. I called paypal and was told the money is still on there. Now what?

  10. jon

    There is scam going on, i have tried unsuccessfully to load two cards into my account and i keep gettting the 203 error on both, and i call incomm, and they have nothing reasonable to say.

  11. CyNthia Tiel

    I cannot find a Paypal my cash card ANYWHERE in my city. In fact, this is the second time I’ve tried to hunt one down in 6 months with same results: “we haven’t had those for months” or “we haven’t had these for weeks” can someone please tell me where they know one may be available in Southern Alabama??

  12. Adam Chanchez

    For those with reported error codes, please make sure that you are NOT signed into your PayPal account prior to accessing the MyCash website. Make sure you have closed ALL active tabs with your signed in PayPal account before you load your account. Upon loading your MyCash funds you will be directed to sign into your PayPal account, which should resolve your error message.

  13. myi

    Sorry, the redemption of your My Cash card could not be completed at this time.
    Please try again in 30 minutes, and if the problem isn’t resolved, then call My Cash card customer service at 855-721-5035.

    My Cash Error Code = 109

    1. Grant

      Hmm, I’ve never encountered that error message. I would call the number listed and see if they can manually redeem your cash back over the phone.

  14. sherry

    Ok. I’m going insane! :) I purchased a paypal my cash card and tried to transfer to my PayPal acct. I entered the 10 digit pin and it says to log into my PayPal acct. Which I do. I then get error 202. I talked to two customer service reps who said there is a system maintenance issue and they are working on fixing it. However, my husband used his phone to try to transfer money (my phone is old) and he got to a page that told him to verify who he was. In order to do that I need to email them my picture, a copy of my ss card and a utility bill for address verification. Um what? I’m not doing all that. I just want my money. Now what do I do?

  15. sherry

    I finally got to the identity verification page. I needed to enter my phone number so they could text me. I entered my phone number but it says my number isn’t registered in my name. My phone number has been verified thru paypal. But for whatever reason it won’t go thru in this site. And the only other way to verify my identity is to send them my picture a copy of my ss card and a utility bill. Well they can forget that.

  16. Ian

    Same error 202, no viable way to refund. Can’t refund at the store where I bought the card because I scratched it off in order to try to use it in the first place.

    Paypal customer service only offers the runaround, incompetence, and victim blaming. I have $300 sitting on this stupid card with no conceivable way to access it.

    1. John M Barnett

      File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, site also CFPB CASE

      NUMBER: 151119-000798

  17. sherry

    All i can say is keep trying. Don’t waste your time with customer service. Took about 4 days for me to finally get thru. Will never buy another one.

  18. Latarsha

    The PPMCC are only a success if you have a buisness account, if everything is verified and updated, and if after you load them call the number on the back to check card for funds then use a PC or laptop to access your account. Your laptop you access your PayPal account from. They have had a security issue so PayPal is getting difficult. I use them all the time. I just found out after so many months you need to replace the card. (PPMCC)they are reusable.

  19. Ron Pine

    Two caveats with Payal Gift Cards:
    1) some merchants do not allow purchase with credit card. at my local CVS it seems to vary with the cashier on duty depending on what time i shop
    2) when you buy the card, do not travel out of the area prior to loading it – for ex. I bought some cards in Atlanta when I was there for a weekend, but I live in Florida. Since you can only load a max of $500 per day, I loaded one in ATL, then tried loading the remaining cards after I got home and I kept getting an unable to process message. I finally had to call Paypal customer support and it took a week of resetting the PIN and my userid uggggh…THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE TO RESOLVE. Load the paypal gift cards where you buy them, do not travel out of the purchase area!!!!!

  20. Drew

    Why do you have to be 18 to add funds to your paypal account? I would like to add around 100 dollars to my paypal account so I could get some gifts for my friend this holiday. I was able to use my moms account to by things with paypal because she is over 18, but recently I walked to the store and tried to purchase a paypal cash card for 100 dollars and was declined because I am not over 18. Also I could not even use the card on my own account because Im not 18. Plus I have my own checking account under my name and I cannot add money from my bank account to my paypal cash because it requires you to be over 18. If I have a checking account under my name and you can show proof of it why do i still have to be 18 to use my money? I cant even go to the store and get paypal cash because I need proper id to show im 18. I was about a month ago…


    Hi I am trying to use the website but i am not seeing the yellow “paypal access” button that you referred to in the screen shot. I only see the option to type in 10 digit # and then it takes me to sign in but routes me back to this same start page. I have also tried using different browsers but im still not seeing the yellow button to follow the rest of the steps.

  22. CHRIS

    Load Funds
    Sorry, the redemption of your My Cash card could not be completed at this time.
    Please try again, and if the problem isn’t resolved, then call My Cash card customer service at 855-721-5035.

    My Cash Error Code = 203

    purchased a card from Walgreens in the amount of 500.00. back in may i 2016 the receipt has been long gone, I try top apply funds and get the error above. They wont refund me with out a receipt and they wont app;ly funds to my paypal. Are they allowed to just steal money from you with a user agreement loophole?

    also above i read where you suggested a vpn however PayPAL BANS ACCOUNTS THAT USE VPN

  23. Tootie

    What I’m want’n to know is…
    If u by a Pay~Pal My Cash Card r u able to take $ from ur Pay~Pal account & put it on that card?¿?¿?

  24. paypalmycash

    Hello Grant,

    I wanted to know how was your experience using PayPal Cash in 2019 which is different from PayPal My Cash (It involves a barcode system https://reloadpacks.com/paypal-my-cash/) since they’ve discontinued PayPal My Cash. Is it better or worst than similar services?

    Also I just wanted to state that I believe before PayPal My Cash discontinued their card they have been testing several different requirements in order for consumers to load their PayPal My Cash Cards. I was one of few customers who were forced to provide a social security number before loading my card. I believe PayPal added this feature later on during the existence of the card. I was reading through the comments and noticed someone else mentioned this, so I wanted to add my 2 cents. Great post by the way.


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