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$10 Statement Credit Posted for $50 PayPal Purchase (US Bank December 2020 Promo)

Good morning everyone, happy Super Bowl Sunday!  2 months ago, US Bank sent out a (targeted?) promo to US Bank credit card holders where you could earn a $10 statement credit for adding your credit card to PayPal and making $50 of PayPal purchases by December 31, 2020.  This was an easy money maker for me, so I added my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card to my PayPal account and made a $50 purchase.  The $10 statement credit took a while to post to my account, but finally posted on February 5, 2021 (a day after my February credit card statement closed).  If you participated and completed this promo, you should see the $10 statement credit right after your February 2021 statement closes.

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US Bank Cash+ Launching Real-Time Rewards for $10 Purchases & More News (Beginning February 19)

Good afternoon everyone, happy Friday!  I just received an email from US Bank regarding my US Bank Cash+ Credit Card.  There are several changes that go into effect, beginning on February 19.  The most exciting change is the introduction of Real-Time Rewards for the US Bank Cash+, which I have used a few times on my US Bank Altitude Reserve Credit Card.  You will also be able to use your cash rewards through PayPal.  There are also some negative changes to when cash rewards expires and redemption options.  Read on to see all the details.

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New AMEX App Feature: Split Purchases & Request Venmo or PayPal Payments from Others

Good morning everyone.  I was checking my American Express credit cards on the AMEX App and was shown a new feature where you can split purchases with friends and family members.  You make the purchase on your American Express credit / charge card and then you can request payment from your Venmo or PayPal account.  Supposedly, this is a “seamless way to split payments.”  In this post, I will show you how the process works.

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Sell Your eBay Items Faster! Send Offers to Buyers Watching your Items

Good afternoon everyone.  A few weeks ago, Vihn at Miles Per Day wrote an article called Ebay adds the ability to edit prices and quantities to all active listings on one page.  I have been using that repricing feature for several weeks and thought all eBay sellers were aware of that feature, but apparently not.  I have also been using a new eBay selling feature where you can send offers to buyers who are watching your eBay items.  Historically, only eBay buyers could make offers to eBay sellers, not the other way around.  It looks like eBay is experimenting with this new feature.  I haven’t had great success (maybe eBay buyers are unfamiliar with this new feature or the offers I made are not attractive enough to eBay buyers – I don’t know).  But I will show you how to send eBay offers to buyers watching your items.  Sign into your eBay account, click on the Listings tab, and then click on Active (to view all active eBay listings).

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Do This Now: Change Default Payment Setting in Venmo to Private

Good afternoon everyone.  Venmo just updated their app and made privacy a key component of the app.  Doctor of Credit also shared this article from a researcher who analyzed 18 million Venmo users from last year to see who users were paying and what they were paying for.  The main conclusion from the researcher was that most users’ transaction details (except dollar amounts) were publicly available and that most users had no idea that they could make their transactions private.  You might think that sharing your Venmo transaction details publicly is no big deal, “I have nothing to hide.”  But what if you went to the same bar every Thursday evening and paid you friend for “Drinks at Bar123.”  If you had a stalker, they could easily figure out your habits and find you.  That might be an extreme example, but it is possible.

In today’s post, I will show you how to easily change your default payment settings to private.  You can also retroactively change your past payments to private.  As an example, when I sign into my Venmo app, I can click on the globe icon and it will show me all public payments in real time from around the world.  I do not know any of these people, but yet, I can see who they are paying and what they are paying for.  Let’s go through the Privacy on Venmo screens and learn about the different privacy setting levels.

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